Best 6 Months Certificate Courses in Canada in 2022

Best 6 Months Certificate Courses in Canada in 2022

6 months certificate courses in Canada are one of the most popular alternatives for international students around the world due to their short duration, career-oriented curriculum, affordable fees, flexible admission requirements and the immigration process for students of different nationalities. 

Short online courses in Canada are offered in a variety of fields, such as journalism, business management, software development, and more.  Short online courses Canada offers distance learning opportunities to international students and helps them gain unique skills in a short period of time.

Are there 6 Months Certificate Courses in Canada?

  There is a wide range of well-paid certificates in this country.  With just a short course of study, you can improve your resume, make yourself more attractive to employers, and take the first step toward a satisfying and well-paid career in any field.

  Well-paid certification programs are available in large numbers, whether you are looking for a job for the first time to start your career or an experienced professional who wants to improve your employment profile.  You can find certificates for work in a variety of fields, from technology and healthcare to business and media arts.  And many of the best certificate programs can be completed in a year or less, giving you the opportunity to start using your skills in a paid workforce faster.

Why go for 6 Months of Certificate Courses in Canada?

  Short-term courses in Canada are preferred by international students who do not wish to stay in Canada for long.  Several short professional courses in Canada are available to both domestic and international students.  International students prefer short-term courses in Canada, mainly because of their affordability and short duration compared to other master’s programs in Canada.

  A quick certification program may be enough to receive a variety of rewards.  Here are some great options for people who have recently graduated from high school, as well as for educated and experienced professionals.

What is the cost of 6 Months Certificate Courses in Canada?

Expect to spend between $3,000 and $14,000 CAD. Some programs may not require you to purchase any additional materials, so you can save on these expenses.

Best 6 Months Certificate Courses in Canada in 2023

1.      Human Resources Management Certificate, York University of Continuing Studies

  This course is offered on campus in Toronto and lasts seven months.  It covers key topics of human resources, such as recruitment and labor relations, labor protection, finance and organizational behavior.  Because the program is designed for graduate students, it assumes that you already have a degree and will teach it quite intensively, classes will be held daily from Monday to Friday.

 You should also devote 3-5 hours of reading each week in addition to assignments and test preparation.  The program aims to give you practical knowledge, not theoretical information, so it is a good way to improve your personnel management skills.


2.      Certificate in Content Marketing, York University of Continuing Studies

  This certificate is issued online for three weekends at classes on the Toronto campus.  Students are expected to be part-time, so it’s ideally flexible for working people.  The total duration of the program is 6 months.  The main goal of this program is to improve your digital marketing and content skills in an ever-expanding world where techniques are evolving extremely fast. 

You will learn how and where to engage your audience with relevant and compelling content that is constantly provided.  This short course in Canada teaches strategy as well as technical experience and will give you the opportunity to test your skills while also working with real companies on some real projects.  Therefore, you will also graduate from the project portfolio.


3.      ABC Business Academy, Toronto Business Academy

  This 3-week summer school is designed for people who want to develop business skills and practice business pitch.  During the program you will attend interactive lectures on entrepreneurship and international business.  You also benefit from visiting guest speakers, mentors and trainers who are leaders in the Canadian industry. 

The Toronto Business Academy also organizes corporate visits to successful companies for its students.  If you have your own business idea, this program is ideal because they will help you develop it.  It is also a good opportunity to communicate.  The next summer school will take place in July 2020, and you can pre-apply on their website.


4.      Online Professional Development Certificate in Global Logistics Management, MacEwan University School of Continuing Education

  Together with the Alberta Supply Chain Management Association, McEwan University offers a series of online courses for existing supply chain professionals.  It will teach you about procurement and transport logistics, advanced resources and integrated business systems in different domestic and international conditions.  There are a total of eight courses, and you can take them individually at your own pace, and after you complete them all, you can get a certificate of professional development.


5.      Online Course on Software Construction: University of British Columbia via edX

  This is a free online course lasting 6 weeks that you can take at your own pace.  He teaches the principles of object-oriented design and introduces new abstraction techniques and design patterns.  You will learn about Java, as well as many software development concepts that can be applied to other languages.  Although this short course in Canada is free, a certificate for $ 125 is also available – this proven track will give you an assessment of the staff for the project and improve interaction with teachers.


6.      English (TOEFL-IELTS Preparation), International Language Institute

  Thanks to an eight-week intensive program of 5 hours a day, you will work on your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills to prepare specifically for the TOEFL and IELTS exams.  The course includes strategies for approaching specific exam tasks and testing on a computer.  The program includes two mini-exams and one full practice exam to help you test what you have learned.


7.      Paralegal Short Course, Algonquin College

  This is an annual 3-semester graduate program that will prepare you to apply to the Ontario Law Firm to become a licensed paralegal.  After 3 semesters of course work you will also need to go through a 120-hour internship.  You will study areas of law that are relevant to the type of work you can do as a legal assistant, as regulated by the Law Firm.  You will learn about litigation and preparation for trials in small claims courts, provincial offenses and simplified convictions, and administrative proceedings.


8.      Certificate in Project Management and Professional Communication, MacEwan University School of Continuing Education

  This one-year program teaches you the skills to work with any project: organizing and motivating the right team, delegating tasks, managing time and budget, and strategic planning skills.  This program applies to projects in any field.  In addition to project management training, they aim to develop your verbal, written and non-verbal communication skills, as well as your confidence.  They will also cover topics such as the Canadian workplace and intercultural communication.  The start dates of the program are January and September, and it will take place on campus.


9.      Certificate in Heritage Resources Management, Athabasca University

  Heritage resource management involves working with historical artifacts, both tangible and intangible, and all such elements that society identifies are valuable and worth preserving.  To receive this certificate, all courses are offered in a distance format with the support of a tutor, and you must pass them all to receive a diploma. 

You will learn about heritage research, collections, Canadian politics, conservation, general principles of historic site planning, and interpretive programming.  The program also includes a 240-hour project where you can apply your course knowledge in a specific heritage setting.


10. Certificate in Customer Excellence Co-op, Toronto School of Management

  This is a 31-week program that includes 12 weeks of collaboration.  This short course in Canada aims to prepare you for work in hotels, restaurants or other hospitality and tourism establishments.  With this certificate you can also work in travel agencies and transport.


11. How to Code – Simple Data, Certificate, University of British Columbia UBCx

  This 7-week program uses the online platform EdX to teach you to write well-proven programs that are easy to improve, on the way to mastering any programming language.  The course focuses on the method of systematic programming, so it does not limit you to the programming language.

 It covers how to develop program requirements, how to create programs with a consistent structure that can then be easily modified, and how to make your programs more reliable by making tests an integral part of the programming process.  The course ends with the development of a simple interactive game.



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