17 Best Animation Schools in USA 2022

17 Best Animation Schools in USA 2022

All Animation Schools in USA on this list are also accredited, indicating that the school meets or exceeds the criteria that indicate differences in learning.

  In addition, animation studios are more likely to choose a candidate who graduated from one of these schools than one who did not.  A feature of excellent animation programs are programs with well-known graduates who have gained recognition in their field.

About Animation Schools in USA

  The importance of choosing the right educational institution to study computer animation is extremely important for any international student.  However, given the number of highly respected computer animation programs in the United States, deciding which institution is appropriate will depend on more than just the program’s rating.  Perhaps the most important factor in determining the best computer animation schools for a particular international student will be their desirable use of computer animation.

  The rapid growth of technology means that future career options in animation will only grow over time.  From creating website graphics in After Effects to recreating a crime scene from iPhone photos, successful animators bring images to life in real time.  They must pay close attention to detail, be able to master the art of movement and be able to transfer what they see in the world into their animation.

What tools do i need as animation student?

  If you’re interested in an animation program, open source and free animation software are great ways to learn about an animator’s career.  Consider tools such as Blender, Pencil2D, OpenToonz, Toon Boom Harmony, Animaker and Synfig Studio, which are available in Linux, Windows and OSX.  The Internet is also full of explanatory videos about all types of animation, whether you use a Mac or Windows to make your animation dreams come true.

 What is the cost of studying computer animation in USA?

Obtaining a bachelor’s degree from one of the best Animation Schools in USA costs approximately $ 4,000 to $ 18,000. US per year, depending on the location and whether the student lives in the state or abroad.  Tuition at a private art school usually costs $ 30,000-37,694 a year.  Such schools may offer more detailed and rigorous coursework than public universities.  The number of classes in private schools is often smaller than in public ones, so they can offer more individual training with instructors.

  How long does it take to study computer animation in USA?

Some schools offer animation programs.  This degree is usually chosen by novice animators because it is specific to their profession.  These degrees can be offered at traditional universities or vocational art schools that offer special animation programs.  Both types have advantages, such as vocational schools, which provide full special education in one subject, and traditional programs, which offer general education courses and a slightly greater variety.

  The list below focuses on the most affordable and best animation schools in US for students pursuing this exciting career.  Animation is a multidisciplinary field that includes criminology, computers and technology, mathematics, psychology, art and graphic design.  In particular, animation and graphic design are two areas that are gaining popularity across the country, forcing more and more students to study for bachelor’s programs in this field.

Best Animation Schools in USA 2023

·         California Institute of the Arts

  To get an idea of ​​what students are achieving while studying at the California Institute of the Arts, the school displays all of its students’ windows on its main website.  This top-level animation college in Valencia, California, has been home to a variety of animation-focused degree programs and has been accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design since 1972.

 Students can earn a bachelor’s degree in fine arts in character animation or experimental animation, and a master’s degree in fine arts in experimental animation.  Depending on the animation major, courses may include stop, 2- and 3-dimensional computer animation, color and design, life drawing, storytelling, dialogue, or sound effects.


·         Brigham Young University in Provo, UT

  BFA animation students at Brigham Young University (BYU) have access to facilities that include computer animation labs and a 3-D-enabled virtual reality classroom.  In addition to these opportunities, BYU offers teachers mentors to each BFA student.  Limited to 100 students, the animation program focuses on art and technology with coursework in drawing, 2- and 3-dimensional design, storyboarding, animation history, and more.  Another option for BYU is a Bachelor of Computer Science with an emphasis on animation.


·         University of Southern California

  There are more than 200 undergraduate programs and more than 400 programs for graduate students and professions, including several for novice animators.  The John K. Hench Department of Animation and Digital Arts offers bachelors, bachelors, masters and juveniles who encourage collaboration at the School of Cinematography and with students from the Thornton School of Music, the Kaufman Dance School, and the School of Dramatic Art.


·         Rhode Island School of Design

  Degree programs are offered in the fields of architecture, art education, design or fine arts.  For beginner animators, the Film / Animation / Video (FAV) department offers a BFA in FAV.  In a school of 145 students, FAV allows students to “explore the art of moving images by learning the tools needed to formulate creative vision, whether through film, animation, installations, interactive media or a combination thereof,” the school said.  Specialize in animation, live action or open media with the ability to create films in genres such as experimental, narrative and documentary.


·         Massachusetts College of Art and Design

  As with many animation colleges, the Massachusetts College of Art and Design program introduces students to a variety of animation techniques.  Students are given instructions on animation through documentaries, characters, stops, and digital animation, and these are just a few.  This shapes students into all-round animators as they look for work after graduation.  The program allows students to use conventional as well as experimental methods throughout their studies.


·         Pratt Institute, Brooklyn

  Located in historic Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, New York, the Pratt Institute prepares nearly 5,000 students for careers in architecture, art, design, computer science, and the liberal arts, as well as the liberal arts and sciences.  Founded in 1887, the school, which offers more than 25 undergraduate and graduate programs and more than 26 graduate programs, has additional campuses in Manhattan and Utica, New York.


·         Laguna College of Art and Design, California

  Laguna College of Art and Design, one of the best animation programs in California, offers an animation degree dedicated to training exceptional storytellers.  Students develop their skills with the latest tools, including Adobe Animate and open source animation software with advanced features.  Students are trained by instructors with professional experience in the animation industry, who help prepare young animators for careers in this field.  Graduates found work in Pixar, Industrial Light & Magic, Cartoon Network and other well-known animation studios.



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