How long does it take to get a bachelors degree in Architecture? There is a Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) degree program for undergraduate students.  It usually takes five years to get this degree.  In the meantime, if you want to obtain a master’s degree in architecture, you will need to obtain a master’s degree in architecture (M.Arch), which takes two to three years to complete.  If you have a bachelor’s degree in non-architecture, get an M.Arch degree.  will be the best option for you.

How long does it take to get a bachelors degree in Architecture?

  Depending on the curriculum and the duration of the program that the architect chooses to enroll as a student, the school of architecture can last from 5 to 7 years.  In addition to a rigorous and long-term education, the path to obtaining an architectural license also requires relevant practical experience accredited by the NCARB, as well as several examinations.

  Although a bachelor’s degree is usually called a “four-year” degree, it takes five years of full-time study to earn a bachelors degree in Architecture, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.  The Bachelor of Architecture is a professional degree that should provide students with not only theoretical knowledge of architectural concepts and principles, but also skills in designing safe, functional and aesthetic buildings.

What do you learn in bachelors degree in Architecture?

  Under the accredited program, students will study the history and theory of architecture.  They will learn about the design of different types of structures, construction methods used in the creation of buildings, and strategies that underlie professional practice.  Undergraduate architecture students are also studying physics, math and the humanities, according to the BLS.

  Why does it take so long to earn an undergraduate degree in architecture?

  One of the reasons it takes so long to get a bachelor’s degree in architecture is the accreditation requirements.  To be accredited by the National Council for Architectural Accreditation (NAAB), professional bachelor’s programs in architecture must require 150 semester hours of study, compared to the 120 hours required for a typical bachelor’s degree in another subject.

  Another reason you need to learn to get an architecture degree is that you need to develop your design skills.  Although students can learn the concepts of building design and the use of computer-aided design and drawing (CADD) software in the classroom, it takes time and practice to improve these skills.  That’s why working in a design studio is an integral part of most undergraduate architecture programs.  In the design studio, you will develop your own drawn and computer sketches and create three-dimensional models of building structures.

  What is the quickest way to become an architect?

  If a student is interested in working in architecture as soon as possible, some students may decide to complete a 4-year bachelor’s degree that is not accredited by the NAAB.  This option allows students to start working in an architectural firm, but does not allow them to obtain a license for architecture.  Similarly, graduate students with a bachelor’s degree in an unrelated field may decide to pursue a 2-year postgraduate degree in architecture that is not accredited by NAAB and start working in that field.

  For students who are very serious looking for the fastest way to obtain an architectural license, some students may choose the degree of integrated architecture licensing (IPAL).  This very intensive program allows students to take registration exams in architecture (A.R.E) and start recording internship hours in accordance with the requirements of the Architectural Experience Program (AXP) while they are still students.

  Types of Architecture degrees

·         Associate in Architecture

  The two-year association provides a comprehensive foundation for those seeking to become unlicensed architectural technicians.  The focus is on technical skills and conceptual knowledge designed to prepare for entry-level positions in the architectural, engineering and construction industries.

  The curriculum is unique in its emphasis on the practice of the profession.  Classes in the studio give students experience in the field of building materials, construction methods, building codes, architectural digital graphics, presentation techniques, architectural design and history.  These skills and knowledge provide the necessary training so that students can pursue relevant educational opportunities after graduation or enter work to become architectural technicians.

·         B.Arch.

If you don’t already have a bachelor’s degree, you can go to college to get a bachelor’s degree in architecture.  Students who have spent five years at an accredited architectural school receive this degree.  In addition to courses to complete general or basic requirements, such as math, social studies, science, and the humanities, you will attend architecture classes.

·         M.Arch.

For students with a bachelor’s degree not in architecture.  If you have a bachelor’s degree in another subject, you do not need to earn a bachelor’s degree in architecture.  Instead, you can get a master’s degree in architecture.  Since you have not yet taken courses in this discipline, it will take you about three to four years to earn a degree.

For students with a pre-professional bachelor’s degree: If you have a pre-professional degree, such as a Bachelor of Science (BS) or a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Architecture or History of Architecture, you can apply to M.Arch.  vocational education programs.  Since you have already completed some basic coursework in college, you will receive an M.Arch degree.  in about two years.  This type of program is usually called a four plus two program (four years for a bachelor’s degree plus two years for a master’s degree).

  What can you do with bachelors degree in Architecture?

  Your degree in architecture will teach you all about design rules, where you should follow them, and where you will have space for research and creativity.  Knowing how to work with texture, color, contrast, lighting and many other aspects will allow you to become an expert in building design.  Of course, you also need to make sure that your vision can also be built according to security standards and available resources.

  Some of the architecture courses that students will have access to include: Analysis of Modern Architecture, Urban Design and Development, Urban Design Policy, Residential Building Design and Green Building.

  After graduating with a degree in Architecture, you will have the opportunity to work as a licensed architect, CAD technician, interior and space designer, and urban designer.  Other vacancies that you can find: surveyor, construction manager, landscape architect or civil engineer.

  Admission requirements for bachelors degree in Architecture

  If you apply for a professional bachelor’s degree program, you will go through the same process as you before you can be accepted into any other bachelor’s degree program.  You will need to submit SAT or ACT scores, high school results, and teacher recommendations.  The only difference is that you may also need to submit a portfolio with your application.  Not all schools require this, but many do.

  When applying for a master’s program, in addition to the requirements of the college of architecture you want to study, you will usually have to adhere to the general requirements for admission to graduate school for the university.  This includes the submission of a bachelor’s transcript, GRE scores and letters of recommendation, which may be from professors or employers.  Many schools also ask you to write an essay that explains why you want to join.  Some schools call this a statement of purpose or a letter of intent.  It is likely that the school will also ask you to submit a portfolio.

Cost of a bachelor’s degree in architecture

  Architecture is very expensive.  Architectural education is expensive because many people go to school for five years or more.  The average tuition fee and the school architecture program fee is $ 9,908 for state residents and $ 32,304 for students from other countries for the 2021-2022 school year.  The average salary after completing the Architecture program is $ 43,816 for a bachelor’s degree and $ 50,172 for a master’s program.


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