To obtain a bachelors degree in computer science, full-time students usually take four years.  Transferred students or those who choose the accelerated program can receive a diploma in less time.

  A bachelor’s degree in computer science teaches students programming, database management, and software development.  In addition to Computer Science courses, degree holders strengthen their problem-solving and critical thinking skills through general educational requirements in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.  The bachelor’s degree meets the requirements of many professions, including network architect, information security analyst and software developer.

  How long does it take to get a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science?

  You can get a degree in computer science with an associate’s degree program (on average two years) or a bachelor’s degree (four years).  Both are excellent introductory options; however, the bachelor’s degree will prepare you for more advanced work in computer science, as well as graduate school, if you so wish.

  Whichever route you choose, there are many private and online universities where anyone can apply without experience.  Associate programs typically require a high school diploma or GED certificate, while undergraduate programs are somewhat more stringent in their requirements.  Depending on which four-year school you apply to, computer science programs can be quite competitive to enter and difficult to complete.

What are the types of Degree in Computer Science?

·         Accelerated Computer Science Programs

  Accelerated course programs are usually designed for a period of eight weeks.  Most universities offer the opportunity to attend two or three courses each semester, giving you the opportunity to earn six or nine credits per semester.  There are usually six semesters a year, which means you can get 36 or 54 credits a year, depending on how many courses you attend.

  Learning through accelerated courses means that you have to work much faster than in regular semesters, but if you work hard, you can succeed.  Accelerated courses can also help you get a degree much faster.  Assuming you attend three classes each semester, with accelerated courses, you could potentially earn a bachelor’s degree in just over two years.

·         Associate’s in Computer Science

  Associate programs in computer science typically offer students the path to an Associate of Specialist (AS) or Applied Science (AAS) degree.  This degree will not entitle you to most careers in computer science that require at least a bachelor’s degree.  However, this does not mean that they are priceless.  Associate programs provide general education that provides the foundation for further study and can prepare you for a range of entry-level computer science and IT positions.

  While some students may continue to work after graduation, others may choose to transfer to a four-year college to earn a bachelor’s degree.  After completing the basic requirements of the lower level, they will usually only need to take courses directly related to their specialty in computer science.

·         Bachelors degree in Computer Science

  Most CS bachelor’s programs include core coursework in computer architecture and programming, data structures, algorithms, logic, and computation.  However, given the breadth of the CS discipline, bachelor’s programs can vary greatly in focus and available specializations.  For example, some programs may place great emphasis on mathematics by requiring courses in areas such as calculus, statistics, probability, and discrete mathematics.

  Students often have a choice of electives and specializations in areas such as data transfer, software testing, operating systems, and computer networks.  Theoretical students may choose to study computational theory, information theory, or human-computer interaction.  Other students may specialize in artificial intelligence, real-time computing, or computer graphics.

·         Master’s Degree in Computer Science

  A master’s degree in computer science provides advanced training in software development, data analytics, and computer systems.  Graduate students often complete required courses in algorithms, programming, and software architecture.  Many programs also offer electives in areas such as artificial intelligence, software management, and mobile computing to teach students for professional development.

  The completion of the Master of Science (MSc) in Computer Science usually takes two years, depending on the program and enrollment status of the student.  Universities can offer accelerated programs that last no more than one year.  Graduates can work as data scientists, computer and information systems managers, and software developers.

·         Doctoral Degree in Computer Science

  The doctorate in computer science prepares graduates for advanced scientific and academic positions.  While studying for a doctorate, candidates in computer science take basic courses and classes in the field of specialization, such as artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction or machine learning.  After fulfilling the requirements of the course work, applicants take comprehensive exams and complete a dissertation.

  It usually takes 4-5 years to obtain a doctorate in computer science.  Some programs accept doctoral candidates with a bachelor’s degree, while others require a master’s degree.  With a doctorate, graduates can work as professors of computer science, computer science and scientists.

Cost of bachelors degree in computer science

  Completing a four-year degree in computer science requires considerable investment of time, effort and money, but for many students this investment pays off.  Getting an online bachelor’s degree in computer science gives students the opportunity to gain new skills, gain more job opportunities, and increase their salaries.

  The average tuition fee and the school computer science program fee are $ 7,053 for state residents and $ 25,934 for students from other countries for the 2021-2022 school year.  The average salary after completing the Computer Science program is $ 66,348 for a bachelor’s degree and $ 101,447 for a master’s degree program.

Admission requirements for bachelors degree in computer science

  Although specific admission requirements vary greatly from one school to another, most programs typically support similar application criteria, including a high school diploma or equivalent.  Applicants should generally reach the minimum threshold on the program and demonstrate their verbal and quantitative reasoning skills through standardized test scores.

  Many programs also require a statement of purpose outlining the applicant’s side, personal and professional goals, and motives for studying computer science.  Most also require letters of recommendation from teachers and supervisors.

  Some colleges require students to submit standard test scores.  In some cases, students may choose to submit SAT or ACT grades;  sometimes schools take only one exam.  Applicants should carefully study the requirements for admission to each school or contact the admissions office to determine what standardized test results they need.

Difference between BSc in Computer Science vs BA in Computer Science

  Despite what many people think, you can get a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science or a Bachelor of Science degree.  These two degrees are similar in most respects.  The main differences come from the classes you need to pass to reach each of them.

·         BSc in Computer Science

  A BSc in computer science is a scientific degree.  Bachelor of Science courses in computer science tend to be more STEM-oriented.  You will probably have to take more high-level math lessons, such as Calculus II and Discrete Mathematics.  Probability and computational classes are also likely to be needed.

·         BA in Computer Science

  A BA in computer science is a degree in the humanities / liberal arts.  To get a bachelor’s degree in computer science, you will probably take most of the same computer science lessons, but you may not have to take as much math.  Instead, you will most likely have to take more electives and humanities courses.  Most employers do not prefer one degree to another, as all core computer science courses must be covered in both.


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