Cosmetology programs are available at many schools and universities in the world.  This area of ​​research will focus on how personal care services work and how you can apply them to the real person.  After training you can get a license to practice.  There are many job opportunities in this area.

Why study cosmetology?

  In the modern era, the cosmetics industry is developing rapidly.  If you are interested in researching this field, you can take the next step by studying cosmetology abroad in these wonderful countries.  You will gain new techniques, perspectives and experience!

  The study of cosmetics in combination with modern technology has become even more difficult when dealing with the chemistry of hair and skin, and often trying to be environmentally conscious in the process.  Cosmetology students should be aware of their specific state licensing requirements and will be required to take licensing exams.  After certification, most can expect to work in a salon or department store.  Almost half are self-employed.

Best Cosmetology Schools in the World

  Finding the right cosmetic school is the first step to a successful beauty career, and like any career decision you make, you want to make the right choice.  Beauty school is fun, but not easy.  And you will spend a lot of time there, so it is important to choose the best school of beauticians for you.

  An effective cosmetology certification course will teach you and hone your skills, as well as help you master the skills needed to provide a variety of personal appearance services.  You will be able to help your customers easily achieve the right look, allowing you to work with both complex and demanding customers.

Is a career in cosmetology worth it or not?

  The cosmetic certification program also improves your prospects to some extent in the future.  In some states, a certification program for cosmetologists is mandatory, which can be included in the hairdressing license, which allows you to expand the list of services you offer.

  Although the options for cosmetology schools are almost endless, we have gathered our best choices in the world.  Selected based on criteria such as reputation, course offerings and affordability, we think any of the beauty schools listed below will offer you a great educational foundation for your career in the beauty industry.

What are the best Cosmetology Schools in the World?

1.      Empire Beauty School

  Empire Beauty School has been working in the field of beauty for over 80 years.  With beauty schools in more than 20 states, they are a fantastic choice for your education.  Proposed programs include cosmetology, aesthetics, makeup art, nail technology and training to become a teacher for novice professionals in the beauty industry.  Coursework in cosmetology includes the basics of skin care, makeup, nail services, business basics, as well as haircuts, styling, texturing and painting.

  Empire graduates continue to work in the editorial office and work with celebrities, open their own salons and find work around the world.  The Empire, like the others on this list, is also known for having fantastic employment opportunities.  They also offer financial aid and scholarships along with various programs that fit your schedule.


2.      Pivot Point Academy Beauty School

  The late Leo Passage was a respected hairdresser and teacher of cosmetology, receiving more than 100 international awards and distinctions.  In 1962, he founded the beauty education company Pivot Point International.  Currently, under the leadership of his son Robert Passage, the program consists of “13 areas of study, including 106 theory lessons and 68 seminars.”  The curriculum has six subject modules: basics of cosmetology, sculpture, hair design, color, texture, as well as the success and purpose of the salon.

  The digital platform of the curriculum is LAB (Learn About Beauty), which “looks and feels like social networks”, which makes it interactive and enjoyable for students.  The effectiveness and success of the program has led to incredible growth.  Today it is more than just a school;  Pivot Point has become the largest international beauty school curriculum, available in more than 2,000 institutions in 70 countries in 15 languages.


3.      Aveda Institute Group

  Aveda Cosmetology & Beauty Schools is a group of institutes spread around the world, including the United States, Canada, Australia and Korea.  Despite the fact that the group works in a separate unit, the main focus of the group remains the same, offering programs and training in cosmetology and aesthetics.  The group is also proud of its environmental awareness and dedication, offering a wide range of cosmetology courses.  The group also has a network of spas and salons around the world that allows students to visit and experience various aspects of the business, in addition to training in hair and skin care.


4.      London School of Beauty and Makeup

  The London School of Beauty and Make-up was founded in 1995 and is dedicated solely to offering world-class education in make-up and beauty therapy.  It is a private educational provider in the UK, offering more than 40 courses in make-up and cosmetic therapy.  In addition to teaching in the first class by expert lecturers, the college also conducts industry-led seminars, graduate training, master classes and development mentoring programs.  The London School of Beauty and Make-up is the best place for students who want to start and continue their careers in the innovative, useful and vibrant world of make-up and cosmetic therapy.


5.      International Academy of Health and Skin Care, South Africa

  The International Academy of Health and Skin Care is a leading private education provider in South Africa specializing in cosmetic, hairdressing and skin care courses.  This private beauty school offers a diploma and postgraduate program in health and skin care.  It is the only world-renowned beauty school in the country.  Founded in 1990, the International Academy has consistently offered the highest standards of health education and skin care worldwide.


·         Australian National College of Beauty

  The Australian National College of Beauty is the country’s leading beauty school with more than a thousand students each year.  The college specializes in offering degree programs and courses for graduate students in beauty therapy to hone skills and gain in-depth knowledge to make a huge sensation in the beauty industry.  The college focuses on fostering students’ passion for beauty and helps them realize this through their degree programs and graduate students.  The College of Beauty has received worldwide recognition for the high level of training of graduates, teachers and educational institutions.


6.      Tricoci University, USA

  Although his work in hairdressing and cosmetology began in the 1950s, it was not until the 1970s that Mario Trikochi and his brother Franco Trikochi opened their own salon business.  Inspired by his success and worldwide recognition, Mario Trikochi turned his desire to train other cosmetologists in the founding of the University of Trikochi in 2004.  Now accredited by the National Accreditation Commission for the Arts and Careers, the University of Trikochi offers a 1,500-hour beauty program.

  It usually takes students 12 months to study full-time or 20 months if they study part-time.  All students receive an Apple iPad as part of their student kit, which they can leave.  Course topics include the practical application of chemicals, hair treatment, hair styling, hair styling, store management, aesthetics and nail technology.



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