Many elementary schools in Canada now accept international students into their programs.  State-funded primary schools are run at the local level by elected school boards, which develop a standard curriculum.  Almost all public schools have students in the same class.  They offer only daily programs.

  In most parts of Canada, international students can choose to study in English, French or both.  In Quebec, a primary school for foreign students is conducted in French if parents do not apply for their child to study English.  Some provinces offer a separate school system that includes religion lessons.  It is part of the public school system and is open to all.

  Why go to elementary school in Canada?

  Canadian elementary school students are achieving great success thanks to our high-quality teachers.  Canadian teachers are passionate about their work.  They create an interactive, child-friendly learning environment and integrate innovative learning methods and technologies to enhance learning.

  Canadian teachers have a bachelor’s degree and practical teacher training before entering the profession.  Many continue to pursue a master’s degree.  All teachers should maintain and improve their skills through regular training.

 Private elementary schools in Canada

Private schools in Canada charge a fee and must run the same curriculum as public schools in that province or territory.  This ensures that students complete the same course as public school students.  The legal status of private schools in Canada varies.  In most provinces and territories, private schools require registration with ministries of education.  Schools must adhere to the curriculum and other standards set by the province.

  The way private and independent schools run programs may differ from the public school system.  Class sizes are often smaller, and students can use specialized programming.  Some private schools will have a religious program as well as standard school subjects.  Sometimes private schools are created only for boys or only for girls.

What is the cost of elementary schools in Canada?

  As a general summary, you can say that a Christian school in a small prairie town or northern Ontario is likely to have a low cost of tuition, while a boarding school in the heart of a large metropolis will be one of the most expensive private schools.  Prestigious boarding schools cost from $ 40,000 to $ 50,000 a year (and more).

  Another general rule: tuition fees are lower in the lower grades.  This is often due to simple market demand: parents have more alternatives in the lower grades (especially in preschools and junior kindergartens, where private schools compete with crèches and children), so lower fees are often attractive to families.

  How to register to elementary schools in Canada

  There may be deadlines for applying to certain schools.  This also applies to private schools.  Contact your local school board if you want to enroll your child in a public elementary school.  These boards often evaluate new students so that the student can start the lesson with the correct assessment.  The school may offer free English or French lessons before your child starts learning

Best Elementary Schools in Canada for international students

·          John Ross Robertson Public School

  John Ross Robertson Public School is a primary school in Toronto that runs from junior kindergarten to 6th grade.  The school has a state-of-the-art computer lab that uses the latest technology to offer its students academic programs.  Learning becomes easier with smartboards and iPads.

  John Ross Robertson State School has a large junior choir and a 3rd grade choir.  Students learn to play orchestral and string instruments from itinerant teachers.  The acquired knowledge and skills allow students to actively perform in concerts and musical productions.


·          Hillmount Public School

  Hillmount Public School is a public elementary school in Toronto DSB, founded in 1971.  It has more than 240 students.  The school runs from junior kindergarten to 5th grade.  Hillmount Public School has classrooms with smart boards and a computer class where students learn a variety of computer programs.


·          Avondale Alternative Elementary School

  Avondale Alternative Elementary School is the best public elementary school in Toronto, Canada, founded in 1964.  The school is open from 9th to 12th grade.  The Avondale Alternative Elementary School has an e-school where students take academic lessons and practical classes.


·          Hollywood Public School

  The Hollywood Public School is a public elementary school in Toronto DSB, which was founded in 1949 and is currently one of the best in the region.  The school runs from Junior Kindergarten (JK) to 5th grade.  Her languages ​​of instruction are French and English.


·          Pape Avenue Public School

  Pape Avenue Public School was founded in 1899.  The school has a kindergarten as the lowest grade, and the sixth grade – the highest.  Pape Avenue has a Center for Child Education and Literacy, where parents come together to share parenting stories, sing and discuss a child’s development.  Kindergarten students on Pape Avenue have a full-time full-time program at the school.  The school also has a special educator for young children, who offers students a rich curriculum.


·          Swansea Public School

  Swansea Public School is a primary school located south of Blur Street and west of High Park in Toronto.  The school has 950 students.  At Swansea Public School, students and staff work together in collaboration that leads to rapid student development.  The school has a very active and caring parent group that supports the school through fundraising and volunteer services.


·          Crescent Town Public School

  Crescent Town Public School is a very large elementary school in Toronto, founded in 1973.  At the time of its founding, the school had 500 students.  Currently, the school has more than 720 students.    Crescent Town Public School is a platinum-certified environmental school.  The school’s green team seeks to help reduce waste, recycle and use energy.


·          Orde Street Public School

  Orde Street Public School is a primary school in downtown Toronto, founded in 1914.  This school was created for the constant influx of immigrants in Toronto.  The school has a kindergarten for 8th graders.  The kindergarten department has a kindergarten that offers care for children before and after school.  Local communities around Orde Street Public School use its buildings on Saturdays for the Japanese school in Toronto.


·          Rosedale Public School

  Rosedale Public School is an English elementary school in Toronto, founded in 1891.  The school runs from JK to 6th grade.  At Rosedale, students study in a wide range of art programs through the school’s partnership with professional authors and illustrators, Prologue for the Performing Arts and Mariposa in the Schools.  In addition, students participate in a variety of music programs, including string programs for 5th and 6th graders, as well as an orchestra with a steel orchestra, which students participate in school and international festivals.


·          Owen Public School

  Ecole Owen Public School is a double elementary school in Toronto whose languages ​​of instruction are English (JK up to 5th grade) and French (SK up to 5th grade).  This allows students to be bilingual.  The school has a world-class library, a computer class and an interactive whiteboard, which makes learning very easy for students.    Teaching is offered to students of 5th and 6th grades with the use of technology and practical classes.  Students in each class have access to an iPad or tablet.



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