Best Universities in Ireland for International Students -Ireland is the best destination for international students.  Every year, thousands of students from around the world come to the Ireland for both short-term and full-time studies.  In particular, in terms of participants studying abroad from the United States, Ireland ranked 6th among the most popular countries in the 2019-2020 academic year.  The student-friendly English-speaking country has an easy transition to living and studying abroad in Ireland.

  Why study abroad in Ireland?

  There are several top-ranked best universities in Ireland for international students, all of which have a worldwide reputation.  Ireland’s top-ranked universities are ideal places for a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree.  These universities have the best reputation and are known for providing excellent education to foreign and local students.

  Ireland has some of the most renowned and high-ranking law schools, business schools, engineering schools and medical schools in the world, and they are ready to accept students from all over the world.

  How is Ireland’s educational system?

  Higher education in Ireland consists of universities, specialist colleges (offering courses in one subject area) and institutes of technology.  The latter offer not only courses in technology subjects, but also cover a wide range of professional programs, including hospitality, healthcare, pharmacy, media, textiles, marketing and more.

  Seven public of the best universities in Ireland for international students are among the 700 best in the world in the QS World University Rankings® 2019, as well as one of 14 institutes of technology.  Ireland also has seven private sector colleges, from the tiny Burren College of Art, which has only about 200 students, to the huge Dublin Business School, which has about 9,000 students.

  What is the cost of tuition in Ireland?

  A significant amount of your study budget will go to the tuition fee for your chosen program.  The cost of the course may vary depending on the university you choose.  Most students continue to study UG, PG and doctoral courses in the country.  If you have chosen regular UG courses in areas such as humanities, education, etc.; then your academic costs may be lower than programs in management, science, medicine, etc.

  The average tuition fee for UG courses ranged from 9850 to 2250 Euros.  Expect € 9,950 to € 35,000 per year for postgraduate and master’s courses in popular fields.  On the other hand, if you are ready to get a doctorate in the country, it can cost you more or less the same as a PG degree.  In addition, if you choose an English course, the approximate total cost of the course will be about 150-950 euros.  In addition, universities may require a certain additional amount for exams or functional fees.

Cost of accommodation to study in Ireland

  Since Ireland has always been a country with higher education requirements, finding housing in the country is an easy task.  Most institutions provide accommodation in the form of dormitories, student dormitories, etc., or you can choose private dormitories, rent an apartment, etc.  The cost of living mainly depends on the place you choose and whether you are going to live alone or with a partner.

  University dormitories are available for 200-300 euros per month.  A student living alone in an apartment will have to pay € 400-900 per month or € 450-550 (INR 40,000-50,000) per month if you are going to live with a partner or colleagues.  For a student living on campus, the monthly amount is 300-650 euros per month.

  How to apply to study in Ireland

  If you are a citizen of Ireland, the EU, the EEA, Switzerland or the United Kingdom or usually reside in one of these countries, you apply directly through the Central Application Office.  This is done through an online portal.

 The portal processes all applications for all undergraduate courses in all Irish schools.  Applications can be submitted until 17:15 GMT on February 1 of the academic year before the start of training.  The fee is 40 euros ($ 47).  Late applications can be submitted until 17:15 GMT on May 1, but this will be a paper application to be sent to the Central Application Office.  The fee for this is 80 euros ($ 95).

Requirements to study in Ireland for non-Irish sudents

  As for non-Irish people, citizens of the EU, the EEA, Switzerland or the United Kingdom, the process is a bit more complicated.  Applications are usually assessed by the Irish Baccalaureate or International Baccalaureate (IB) exam.  If you do not have any of these qualifications, you will need to submit your country’s qualifications to verify that they meet the standard.

 If they fail to do so, you will have to pass an Irish dismissal exam.  If you are not from an English-speaking country, you will also need to provide evidence of your English language skills.  An IELTS certificate is usually sufficient.  Keep in mind that some bilingual English-speaking countries, such as Canada, are not exempt from this requirement.

Best Universities in Ireland for International Students

1.      Trinity College Dublin

  The capital of Ireland with a population of over 1.5 million people is an ideal place for students who want to experience a modern cosmopolitan city with the charm of the old world.  Dublin offers an active nightlife, countless museums and cinemas, sporting events, concerts, parks, etc. if you like to be busy.  Dublin is a central place to travel across the country and Europe with a large number of public and private vehicles.

  With well-known alumni such as Samuel Beckett and Oscar Wilde, students interested in English literature will be at home at Trinity College Dublin.  The Trinity College Library is a tourist attraction in itself, but you can immerse yourself in its approximately 7 million books as a student. TCD offers a number of scholarships for non-EU international students.


2.      Maynooth University

  An internationally recognized university with a small list of colleges in Ireland for international students is growing rapidly worldwide.  This university with the highest rating preserves historical scientific traditions and intellectual advantages and is a place with a diverse, guided research and modern environment. 

It has accepted more than 12,000 students from more than 90 countries studying at different levels in various programs, such as masters, students and doctors of philosophy in various fields such as social sciences, science and engineering, industry, law and many others.  Maynooth is one of Ireland’s most popular universities for international students.


3.      National University of Ireland, Galway

  Located on the Wild Atlantic Way, Galway is one of the most charming and diverse cities in Ireland.  Recognized as the European Capital of Culture in 2020, Galway is the perfect city for you if you want to experience the bohemian art without the hustle and bustle of Dublin.  With access to stunning views along the West Coast, studying in Galway means you won’t have a shortage of things to do and see both in and out of the city.

  The National University of Ireland, Galway was founded in 1845.  NUIG, one of Europe’s 30 most beautiful campuses, offers international students from more than 100 countries.  Volunteering is a big part of campus life, and NUIG has more than 4,000 registered volunteers, making it the leading volunteer university in Ireland.


4.      University College Cork

  Ireland’s second largest city is also a safe haven for international students wishing to study abroad in Ireland.  Known as the culinary capital of Emerald Isle, Cork is ideal for students who can’t wait to enjoy the culinary scene of the English market.  As in Limerick, Cork has only one university.

  Founded in 1845, Cork University College has more than 22,000 students.  UCC is proud to be the green campus, the first in the world to receive a Green Flag from the Environmental Education Foundation.  This designation means that the university maintains a high level of resilience in teaching, research and on-campus activities.  In addition to a progressive atmosphere, UCC students can join more than 100 clubs and societies and take part in influential research.


5.      Dublin City University

  Dublin City University, much younger than the three historic universities listed above, was founded in 1975 and received university status in 1989.  However, he has gained a strong position in a short period of time and now ranks 422nd in the world.

 About 17,000 students are currently enrolled, including about 1,000 in distance learning courses.  Located in the northern part of Dublin, the university boasts an impressive selection of facilities on campus, including The Helix, a large art institution with several rooms of various sizes.


6.      Dublin University of Technology

  TU is considered one of the best Universities in Ireland as it is the third largest university in Ireland in terms of international learning, offering an open and inclusive learning environment that provides international students with pathways to graduate, bachelor’s, doctoral and other courses.

 Different courses, especially for studying in Ireland as an international student, have different payment structures so that they can get funding options.  Students from some countries do not need a visa to Ireland.  TU provides quality study in Ireland for international students.


7.      University of Limerick

 One of the best Universities in Ireland with more than 11,000 students, UL is one of Ireland’s renowned universities for international students being an independent, global site.  He has well-known achievements in science and education and innovation.  Seventy-two undergraduate and 103 eligible graduate programs in different faculties have several courses at UL.  As for scholarships, this is also common.  For further assistance, please contact the International Student Support Expert for visa applications, etc.


8.      Dundalk Technology Institute

  DIT offers a huge selection of degree programs at various levels, including 7, 8, 9 and 10, with state-of-the-art campuses.  Why is this the best technical institute?  It offers affordable tuition and living expenses, which attracts a huge audience of international students. 

High-level learning through an interactive, simulated learning environment and small classroom content.  In addition to industry standards to increase employment, they have developed various programs.


9.      Athlone Institute of Technology

  If you want to get a technical graduate, the best option is Athlon Institute of Technology.  It is a leader in terms of applied learning, innovation and student well-being in the technology sector.  Given 63 nationalities, more than 11% of students come from abroad.

 In the field of hospitality, computer science, business, social sciences and design, engineering and much more, we can receive technology-based education.  University tuition fees in Ireland as a foreign student range from € 6,000 to € 12,000 for bachelor’s programs and € 6,150 to € 15,000 for postgraduate / master’s programs.



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