If you are considering studying abroad but are worried about money, you need to explore this list of cheapest Universities in Australia that offer quality education in addition to affordable tuition and fees for international students. 

  Australia is a very popular destination for travellers, vacationers and even students.  In fact, it is the third most popular place for international students after the United States and the United Kingdom.  Because Australian universities charge different amounts depending on the course below, they represent the average international tuition fee for each university.

Why do international students like to study in Australia?

  Australian universities attract a large number of international students from all over the world every year.  Some of the best Australian universities are also considered to be some of the cheapest universities in Australia.  Thus, with convenient prices, excellent academic standing and excellent location, these universities will offer you a truly authentic Australian experience.

  Studying at universities abroad gives students a lot of experience that they will never get at home.  Students get the opportunity to communicate with a diverse student body from around the world, live their culture and, above all, merge with the country.  Students studying abroad are introduced to modern infrastructure combined with modern facilities to ensure a holistic approach to education.  Students study in classrooms with the right amount of experimental education to prepare them for a more practical market.

  How much does it cost to study in Australia as an international student?

  The cost of studying at Australian universities is usually calculated per unit, not per year.  Each unit is subject to a fee, and because most students will study a combination of units from different groups, the fee will be different for everyone.

  Some universities in Australia publish official payment estimates, including the Australian National University (ANU), which is the highest institution in the country (24th in QS World University Rankings 2019).  The annual cost of an international bachelor’s degree from ANU ranges from 36,400 Australian dollars (26,150 US dollars) for some Bachelor of Arts programs to 43,680 Australian dollars (31,380 US dollars) for Bachelor of Science or medical science programs.

  How can I apply to study in Australia as an international student?

  Applying to Australian universities is not a cumbersome process, but international students require strict planning.  With more than 43 universities in Australia, qualitative research is needed on when and how to apply.  Each university has a separate section of its website dedicated to international students, which can be applied for.

  • Carefully research courses, institutions and their locations.  Consider the areas of specialization that are offered in different courses and which specializations are best suited for your career.
  • Once you have decided on the best course, you need to find out which education providers offer it and which provider best suits your requirements.  You should consider the size of the campus, available facilities and support services offered to international students.
  • Once you’ve chosen your course and education provider, it’s time to apply.  Go to the Request Now page to send the request directly to the facility of your choice.
  • Before you apply, you should check your academic and English language requirements to make sure you are eligible.  If you do not qualify for admission, you may need to consider another course or apply for a convergence or base course, which may increase your chances.
  • As soon as the education provider receives your application, it will be evaluated and you will be notified of the result.  It may take several weeks (longer for graduate applications) before your application is processed.
  • If your application is accepted, you will receive a letter of offer and acceptance form.  Before accepting an offer, you should carefully read the offer letter and check all the conditions that may apply.  You will need to meet these conditions before the institution will issue a Certificate of Registration (CoE).  You may also be required to pay tuition fees before your institution issues a CoE.  The institution will inform you of its requirements.

Cheapest Universities in Australia for International Students

·         Murdoch University

One of the 100 best young universities in Times Higher Education.  Your tuition fee will depend on how many units you study and whether you stay for one semester or two.  Typically, the tuition fee is A $ 6,900, whether you study 3 units (9 Murdoch credit points) or 4 units (12 Murdoch credit points).  You may be eligible for a scholarship or financial aid, depending on your country of origin and circumstances.


·         Federation University of Australia

  The Federation University is a state university based in Ballarat with branches in Churchill, Stavelli, Horsham, Ararat, Brisbane and Berwick.  Founded in 1870, it is the fourth oldest university in Australia.  With a tuition fee of $ 17,335 per year, the Federal University of Australia is Australia’s cheapest university for international students.

  FedUni offers programs in the humanities, engineering, business, science, math, nursing, obstetrics, paramedics, psychology, performing or visual arts, information technology, occupational health and physical education.  As one of Australia’s best and cheapest Universities in Australia, FedUni is home to 14,500+ local students and almost 9,000 international students.


·         University of Sunshine Coast

  The university, which has been ranked one of Australia’s best universities for its overall student experience, uses state-of-the-art teaching technology.  His CAVE2 3D visualization studio allows students to use virtual reality to interact with complex data of all kinds.

  All their programs include practical training and internships.  This is reflected in their outstanding facilities, including the imitation of a laboratory of nurses and paramedics.  According to its ranking, Sunshine Coast University is considered one of the cheapest universities in Australia.  The educational experience and student life that USC has to offer is definitely worth the money.


·         Charles Steer University Study Center

  Charles Steer University Study Center is an award-winning progressive university with a well-deserved international reputation for excellence through an innovative approach to higher education.  CSU provides bachelor’s and graduate degrees in business, accounting, and information technology to international students at CSU’s training centers in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney.  Prices for their wide academic offer can be viewed here.


·         Charles Darwin University

  Charles Darwin University is a public school that opened in 2003 after the merger of three schools.  Although headquartered in Darwin, the CDU also controls eight branches in the region.  As a two-sector university, the CDU offers professional and university courses in business and law, education, engineering and IT, health and human sciences, indigenous society and nursing and obstetrics.  CDU, one of the most accessible universities in Australia, has an enrollment rate of only 6,200+ students.  Although this is the case, it has a diverse population: 30% come from outside Australia.


·         Western Sydney University

  West Sydney University (WSU) is a public university that first opened in 1989.  True to its name, it serves West Sydney, although it also has campuses in Perth, Parramatta, Blacktown, Bankstown, Campbelltown, Liverpool and Hawkesbury.  Like other Australian universities before that, WSU was created after the merger of 2 colleges.  This has given the university a wide range of schools, including business, computer, education, law, medicine, nursing and obstetrics, social sciences and psychology, science and health, and the humanities.


·         University of Wollongong

  Wollongong University, one of Australia’s cheapest universities for international students, is a public research institution in New South Wales.  Formerly the University of Technology of New South Wales, it has become an independent body with campuses in Scholhaven, Sydney, Bateman Bay, Bega and Moss Vale.  UOW offers several programs in business, engineering and information science, law and humanities, science and medicine, and social sciences.



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