In this article, we will look at cheapest universities in the Czech Republic for International Students.  Your education can even be free, so keep reading to discover the wonders of the Czech Republic’s higher education system!

  How is Czech Republic’s educational system?

  The educational structure in the Czech Republic begins with primary school, followed by junior high school.  Students must then attend upper secondary school, and they can choose between three types: gymnasium, technical / vocational school or vocational school.

  After graduating from high school, students can choose to enroll in college, higher professional program or, of course, university.  If we talk about universities, there are more than 60 higher education institutions in the country.

  Why study abroad in Czech Republic?

  With more than 60 higher education institutions, 1,000 English-speaking degrees and affordable living expenses, it’s easy to see why thousands of international students choose to pursue bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the Czech Republic.

  Do you plan to join the 37,000 international students studying for a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree in the Czech Republic?  You would make a great decision, as the Czech Republic has a rich culture and ancient academic traditions.  If you add that living and studying there is affordable and a lot of fun, there is little that can stop you from studying in this European country.

  To prepare you for this learning adventure, we have created a simple guide on what you need to do to apply to a Czech university and a list of cheapest Universities in Czech Republic for International Students.

  What is the cost of tuition to study abroad in Czech Republic?

  If you choose a program taught in English or another foreign language, you will pay between € 0 and € 18,500 per academic year.  There are other costs, such as entrance or administrative fees, but they vary from university to university.

  The cost of studying in this European country will depend on the language you choose.  Public universities are free for all students, regardless of their nationality, if they choose the program in Czech, even for those who are not members of the European Union!

  However, if you choose the program in English, you will have to pay.  The cost will vary greatly depending on the university and the major you choose.  We will discuss tuition fees in detail in our list of cheap universities at the Czech University below.  Also, keep in mind that some universities offer several degrees of postgraduate education for free, even if they are in English.

  Language requirements to study abroad in Czech Republic

  International students wishing to enter the Czech language curriculum must confirm their knowledge of the language and pass the entrance exams in Czech, as will Czech applicants.  If you don’t know how and where to start learning Czech, you can find useful links on the Study in the Czech Republic website.

  For example, you can enroll in one of the annual Czech language training courses for foreigners organized by some Czech universities.  Such courses can help you master the language and prepare you to study at universities in the Czech Republic.  Preparatory language courses are usually paid, but there may be exceptions, e.g.  if the preparatory course is part of a state scholarship.

  An alternative method of mastering the Czech language are courses organized by Czech centers.  The Czech Centers were established by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic to promote the Czech Republic abroad, and they are systematically expanding the teaching of the Czech language abroad.  Czech is taught in many Czech centers abroad, including Berlin, Bratislava, Budapest, Bucharest, Kyiv, London, Milan, Munich, Moscow, New York, Paris, Sofia, Tokyo, Warsaw, and Vienna. 

  Documents required for admission to study in Czech Republic

  • RocApply application form
  • High school certificate (for bachelor’s degree)
  • Bachelor’s degree certificate (for master’s degree)
  • Certificate of Master’s Degree (for postgraduate studies)
  • Academic references
  • CV / Summary
  • Letters of recommendation (for postgraduate studies)
  • Letter of appointment
  • Receipt of payment of the application fee (from € 20 to € 50)
  • Proof of English (IELTS, TOEFL)

Scholarships and grants to study in Czech Republic for International Students

  In the Czech Republic, scholarships are offered by various types of institutions, including the national government, public universities, private organizations and more.  Each scholarship has different application criteria.  For example, some are only available to citizens of countries with which the Czech Republic has international agreements.  Others are awarded on the basis of financial needs or academic achievement, and so on.  You can find scholarships and learn more on the official Study in the Czech Republic website.

Cheapest Universities in Czech Republic for International Students

·         Masaryk University

  Masaryk University (MU) is considered a prestigious higher education institution in the Czech Republic and was founded in 1919.  Today, this accessible university in the Czech Republic has 400 curricula and about 30,500 students.  In addition, the training center focuses not only on providing high-quality education, but also on conducting revolutionary research.

  It is located in Brno, which is the student capital of the country.  In addition, MU boasts state-of-the-art equipment and state-of-the-art research laboratories.

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·         Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

  The Czech University of Natural Sciences in Prague is an accessible state university in the Czech Republic, which began accepting students in 1906.  Currently, the university courses are divided into six faculties and one institute, which is the Faculty of Economics and Managemen, Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Forestry and Wood Science, Faculty of Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Tropical Agricultural Sciences, and finally, Institute of Education and Communication.

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·         Brno University of Technology (BUT)

  Brno University of Technology (BUT) was founded more than 100 years ago.  Currently, this university available to international students in the Czech Republic has eight faculties of chemistry, architecture, construction, electrical engineering and communication, information technology, business and management, mechanical engineering and fine arts.  Of the 74 degree programs offered at BUT, 15 are taught entirely in English.  BUT facilities include a research institute, student residences, five sports centers and six small research centers.  More than 24,000 students study in these buildings every year.

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·         Metropolitan University Prague

  Founded in 2001, Prague Metropolitan University (MUP) is a private university that is considered one of the oldest and largest centers of learning in the country.  The institution has partnerships with more than 200 universities around the world.  In addition, the institute has high-tech multimedia laboratories, modern classrooms, fully equipped with video projectors and even wireless microphones, lounge areas, cafe-bistro.

  This inexpensive university in the Czech Republic focuses on the humanities, international territorial studies, legal specializations, media and communication, and international economic relations.  Courses are offered in full-time and part-time programs and are taught in Czech or English.

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·         University of Pardubice

  It is the only university in the Pardubice region, founded in 1950.  The curricula offered at the university specialize in the fields of technical sciences, humanities, health care and fine arts.  In addition, the training center also has institutional accreditation in the following areas of education: transport, economics, history, chemistry, computer science and health.

  The international community of the university consists of students from more than 60 countries.  However, many programs use English as a learning tool.  Moreover, Pardubice University is progressing in many aspects, such as research.  In fact, he recently received the HR Excellence in Research Award, which is a prestigious award from the European Commission.

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