Eatsafe challenge

The EatSafe Innovation Challenge is open to passionate for entrepreneurs, students, researchers and other innovators to share their ideas on how existing food safety innovations can be adapted and applied in traditional markets in Nigeria and Ethiopia. Entrepreneurs, students, researchers and other innovators in Nigeria and Ethiopia who are passionate about food safety are advised to participate in the challenge.

Applicants who participate in the Global EatSafe Innovation Challenge that will take place in Denmark stands a change of grabbing USD 10,000 dollars for the winning concept. The Challenge will take place between April-October 2022.

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Details About EatSafe Innovation Challenge 2022

Improving food safety is a global challenge and every day innovative solutions are being developed and applied to make food safer around the world. EatSafe Innovation Challenge has identified categories all along the food supply chain that have a number of food safety challenges and are inviting academics, entrepreneurs and other innovators in Nigeria and Ethiopia to submit concepts that modify existing food safety tools or present new innovations that improve food safety for use by consumers and vendors in traditional food markets.

The categories include, peer learning platforms, processing, food waste technology, sensors for food safety assessment, retailing and packaging, urban to rural linkages and food logistics, platforms for supply chain management.

Benefits of EatSafe Innovation Challenge 2022

  • National and global visibility & recognition.
  • Mentorship, technical training
  • A chance to win USD 10,000.
  • Networking opportunities with leading industry players, investors, researchers, and academia.

Eligibility Criteria for EatSafe Innovation Challenge 2022

To be eligible for the EatSafe Innovation Challenge 2022, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Applicants must be entrepreneurs, students, researchers or other innovators based in Nigeria or Ethiopia.
  • Applicants must be available to travel in October 2022 and adhere to travel rules in Denmark.
  • Applicants will be tasked to select one of the seven innovation categories and develop a compelling concept of how the innovation can be adapted in a local food market.

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How to Apply

Interested applicants for the EatSafe Innovation Challenge 2022 are to submit an online application on or before the application deadline as late entries will not be entertained.

Visit the Official Website for Further Details

Application Deadline: 30th April 2022

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