English universities in Canada – Canada is distinguished by the study of English over other countries, mainly through cosmopolitan cities with a high quality of life;  its world-class universities, where you can find a wide selection of English language programs;  and for being a hospitable place for all international students.

  If you choose Canada as a place to study, there are English universities in Canada that will help you progress quickly in one of the friendliest countries in the world.  Experience cosmopolitan cities and wildlife just miles away, and practice your English daily with the charming locals of Canada.  ESL has helped thousands of students achieve their dream of learning English in Canada by creating the perfect course for personal and professional goals.  Discover Canada during your English adventures!

Can I study in English in Canada?

  Canada is a surprisingly large and diverse country with a history of hosting travelers, students and business people from around the world.  It is also a great place to study English abroad.  With ten provinces and three territories, there is a great variety of cities, communities and natural environments that you can surround yourself with while learning English in Canada.

  Like its southern neighbor, Canada has something for everyone, from the wild and mountainous west to the cultural star of Toronto and strong European influence throughout the eastern part of the country.  It also has many opportunities for people to visit, travel, work and live, especially for citizens of the Commonwealth.  Canada offers a great palette with which you can simultaneously improve your English, experience the culture of North America and explore a beautiful country.

Can I work while I study in Canada?

With your visa, you can work 20 hours a week on campus or off-campus in Canada. Canada grants postgraduate work permits, which can range from eight months to three years, depending on the length of your studies. If you earn a higher degree, the duration of your work permit is usually longer.

Top English speaking provinces in Canada to study in English 2022

·         British Columbia

  As the westernmost province of Canada, British Columbia (British Columbia) is bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the Southern Panhandle of Alaska in the west, boasting beaches, mountain ranges, glaciers and rainforests.  Bears and whales can be spotted in these breathtaking natural landscapes that offer endless outdoor adventures and ski and snowboard resorts.  Vancouver, the largest city in British Columbia, full of parks and surrounding forests, borders the Pacific Ocean and coasts, and Victoria, its capital, known as the Garden City, is a fine example of the extraordinary beauty of this province.

·         Ontario

  Ontario is the second largest province of Canada (after Quebec) and one of the two provinces of Central Canada (along with Quebec).  The Canadian capital, Ottawa, and its largest city, Toronto, are part of Ontario.  One third of Canada’s population lives in Ontario, making it the most populous province in the country.  It is also the richest due to its large deposits of minerals, dense forests and wild rivers.  Ontario is the perfect combination between modern city life and outdoor activities.

·         Alberta

  Alberta has more than 600 lakes, 14 grand glaciers and glaciers, and the Rocky Mountains in the east, all of which offer countless attractions, as well as campsites, hiking trails and ski resorts.  Winters in southern Alberta can be milder when chinook winds raise temperatures.  The province’s major cities, Edmonton and Calgary, are the sunniest places in Canada, as well as fast-growing, lively and rich in art, culture and fine cuisine, not to mention that Alberta is the only province in Canada without PST (provincial sales tax) so shopping at West Edmonton Mall or CrossIron Mills can also be fruitful.

·         Manitoba

  Manitoba is one of Canada’s Prairie Provinces, where you can enjoy views of the endless wheat fields of the south, see the northern lights and polar bears in Churchill, and immerse yourself in the beautiful scenery of 90 provincial parks.  Its capital, Winnipeg, is a melting pot reflected in Forks, a historic site in the center that has served as a meeting place for thousands of years.

·         Quebec

  Quebec is the second most populous province in Canada after Ontario.  It is the only one with a predominantly French-speaking population, but there are also good English language schools.  A vast province that makes up about one-sixth of Canada, Quebec covers a variety of landscapes, from historic cities to isolated Arctic tundra.

The region reaches almost the Arctic Circle in the north, bordering the US states of Vermont and New York in the south and Hudson Bay in the west.  Although most visitors head to the two main cities, Montreal and Quebec, there are many things in the province that can be done in both summer and winter.  Historic sites, cultural institutions, festivals, small towns, as well as beautiful parks and natural areas are just some of the highlights.

Top English universities in Canada to study in 2022

·         Concordia University in Montreal

  Concordia University is one of the English universities in Montreal, Canada.  The institution is a complex research university.  It was founded in 1974 and is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  The university has two campuses, the main campus of Sir George Williams and the Loyola campus.  All courses on both campuses are taught in English.

  At the university, you will have access to more than 400 undergraduate and more than 200 master’s programs, including masters and doctoral programs.  The programs offered by this institution and their unique teaching style have helped thousands of domestic and international students around the world achieve their learning goals.


·         McGill University in Montreal

  McGill University is one of the English universities in Montreal, Canada.  The University is a public university based on research in Canada.  It was founded in 1821.  The school offers a number of courses for students and graduate students in medicine, technology, art, science, management and more.

  The university is one of Canada’s most renowned universities and one of the world’s best universities.  He is known for his excellent training courses and intensive research that will provide you with skills that can be applied physically and develop your successful career opportunities.



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