Fastest Masters Degree Online in 2022 | Scholarshipfarm

Fastest Masters Degree Online in 2022 | Scholarshipfarm

  There are several fastest masters degrees online that allow you to complete a master’s program much faster than traditional online master’s programs.  Given the importance of an online master’s degree and how it helps professionals develop their careers; the time and cost of completing an online master’s program are important factors.  In this guide, we will tell you about the 40 best schools with almost 140 fastest online masters in accredited institutions.

How can I get a masters degree fast?

  Getting a master’s degree fast has never been easier with these fastest masters degree online programs.  It was previously thought that in order to obtain a master’s degree, students had to think about moving, sometimes leaving work to go to school full-time, which led to significant financial difficulties during the period when they obtained the degree.  Not anymore.  Even the best universities have started offering accelerated master’s programs online! 

Whether you are a teacher, community organizer or businessman, if you are planning to get a master’s degree, an accelerated online master’s program may be just what you need.  A great feature of fast online diplomas is their flexibility.  Not surprisingly, many students are now looking for an online education amid a busy work schedule, so they don’t have to stop their careers until they get a master’s degree.  In this article, we explore the fastest online masters programs available.

  How long it takes to get a masters degree online?

  The amount of study time required to obtain a master’s degree in distance learning depends on many factors.  Some online part-time master’s courses – often related to the profession – can take up to three years to complete what a full-time student can complete in just one year.  This is because these distances learning master’s programs are designed to easily bypass existing student work. 

These courses are often long-established programs, so universities know what is best for students to achieve optimal success in distance learning.  Master’s courses that have recently been transferred to distance learning are more likely to correspond to the traditional academic year of on-campus courses, and therefore typically last two years.

  What is the cost of masters degree online in 2022?

  Tuition and master’s fees range from $ 30,000 to $ 40,000.  When it comes to master’s programs, public schools are a more affordable alternative for state students.  Graduates often live off-campus, while post-career masters typically continue to live in their apartment or home while attending school, leading to lower costs.

Fastest Masters Degree Online in 2022

·         Capella University Online Master of Healthcare Administration

  Capella University also offers a fully online health administration program that can be completed in just twelve months.  The program’s curriculum is designed according to the standards of the National Center for Health Leadership (NCHL) and focuses on educating students in health care operations, health leadership, or health and advocacy policies.  Capella also reports that more than 96% of graduate students said they were satisfied with their education.


·         Concordia University Online Master of Education

  Concordia University’s one-year master’s degree program is designed for working teachers who want to pursue higher education amid hard work.  In this way, the program adheres to strong academic principles and also maintains a high level of flexibility.  As mentioned earlier, many programs can achieve accelerated learning options by narrowing the focus of the program.  Concordia manages 20 master’s degree options, all of which are accredited and can be completed in just one year, making it an excellent option for both students and working professionals.


·         University of North Texas Online Master of Business Administration

  The University of North Texas also offers accelerated learning options for its fully online MBA program.  The curriculum is designed according to the standards of the American Society of Quality, APICS, the Association of University Health Management Programs, the Institute of Personnel Certification, the Institute of Supply Management, and the Society for Human Resource Management.  The physical location of the program is in one of the most dynamic and economically growing areas of Texas.  In this way, the program also focuses on real-world connections to enrich coursework and project assignments.


·         Walden University Online Master of Science in Education

  Walden University offers a fully online postgraduate program in accelerated learning education, where students can earn a degree in just twelve months at a cost of just $ 10,000.  The program is accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), and although it is summarized in a short and accessible program, surveys on career outcomes and student satisfaction show extremely impressive results, with more than 96% of employers saying they would hire another  MS graduate in the educational program.


·         Trin University Online Master of Science in Engineering Management

  The Ketner School of Business at Train University has an accelerated online Master of Science (MSc) in Engineering program.  The Allen School of Engineering and Technology program uses the resources of several departments to provide a focused and effective curriculum with highly qualified instructors.  Taking advantage of open online coursework and teacher-student interaction, the program can quickly cover the ground, so students can earn a degree in just twelve months.  With the help of two departments, students receive advice from two perspectives – business and engineering – so that they can develop a comprehensive framework on which to build their careers.


·         University of North Texas Online Master of Science in Learning Technologies

  The University of North Texas offers a fully online learning technology program that can be completed in just fourteen months.  Although the program is rapidly evolving and accessible, it does not sacrifice quality for speed, as evidenced by the fact that it is one of the few learning technology programs that meets the national standards of educational technology of the International Society for Educational Technology (ISTE).  .  Despite the speed of the program, students still have options for convenience and flexibility; courses have an individual duration to meet the requirements of any schedule.


·         Southern New Hampshire University Online Master of Science in Human Resource Management

  SNHU also offers a fully online, affordable and accelerated graduate staffing program.  The curriculum of the program is designed to reflect the standards, guidelines and principles established by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).  The program often complements faculty with instructors from successful companies and organizations in the industry so that students can learn from real success stories and start online networking early in their careers.


·         Southern New Hampshire University Online Master of Business Administration in Project Management

  SNHU also offers an accelerated MBA program in project management that can be completed in just fifteen months, and maintains some of the lowest tuition rates for this degree in the country.  SNHU is a registered provider of education (REP) to the Institute of Project Management (PMI®), and thus the curriculum of the program is based on the models and strategies of companies from medium to Fortune 500 companies.  SNHU has been offering an MBA in project management for over 40 years, so students can count on a well-designed curriculum and experienced faculty.



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