George Washington Institution (GWU or GW) is a Washington, D.C.-based private university founded in 1821 by a congressional act.

With more than 26,000 students and 11,000 faculty members, the university is D.C.’s largest higher education institution and one of the city’s largest employers.

The institution includes three campuses: Foggy Bottom, Mount Vernon, and Virginia Science and Technology, each of which offers thousands of degree and certificate programs, both on-campus and online.

GWU is known for its research, athletics, noteworthy alumni, and once-in-a-lifetime chances, which allow students to grow and study to their full potential while maintaining the university’s reputation as a world-class institution.

We’ll look at George Washington University undergraduate tuition and fees.

Students from around the world attend George Washington University. 

George Washington University has about 26,000 students from over 120 nations who come from throughout the United States. Approximately 4,000 international first-year, transfer, or graduate students make up 15% of the GWU population.

The institution places a high importance on diversity and inclusion on campus, therefore anyone from any background or origin is welcome to join the student body.

An international student, according to GWU, is someone who is a citizen of another country and will be entering the United States with a valid visa.

International Students at GWU Pay a Tuition Fee 

International undergraduate students at George Washington University’s main campus pay about $59,800 per year of tuition.

This applies to students who are enrolled in 12 to 18 credit hours per semester.

Part-time enrollees are those who take fewer than 12 credit hours, with tuition averaging $2,000 per credit hour.

Applicants can get a more detailed list of their fees on GWU’s Undergraduate Tuition website.

At GWU, graduate tuition is calculated per credit hour and varies by program and campus. For S.Y. 2021-2022, it is estimated to cost $2,000 per credit hour.

Graduate applicants can find a detailed breakdown of fees on the Graduate Tuition website.

Admissions Guide for International Students 

International students are welcome to apply as first-year, transfer, or graduate students at George Washington University.

International students must complete the identical admissions process as local students, with the exception of some supplemental documents.

GWU recognizes and considers the educational systems of various nations, therefore applications are evaluated in the context of the student’s home country.

International Students’ Admissions Criteria at George Washington University 

International undergraduate applicants must meet the same requirements as domestic students, but they must also submit a number of supplementary documentation.

Transcripts from each secondary school attended by the applicant must be submitted, including both the original and a certified English translation if the document is in a different language.

Among other things, a school report, a letter of recommendation, and a financial certificate are necessary.

In some situations, such as when an applicant is applying for one of GWU’s unique programs, writing supplements and test scores may be required.

Because George Washington University takes a comprehensive approach to admissions, they do not need a minimum GPA or SAT/ACT score.

The transcript, academic records, and financial certificate are all required for applicants applying as international graduate students at GWU. Most graduate programs demand standardized test scores as well.

All international students applying to GWU must provide proof of English proficiency.

A minimum score is required, with some colleges and programs requiring a higher level.

This is to encourage and assure active engagement and interaction on campus, which the institution considers to be an important component of the educational process.

Scholarships for Undergraduates 

1. International Presidential Scholarship

Scholarship Amount: Scholarship amounts vary, however they may pay the entire cost of tuition. 

Any international student applying as a first-year for the fall semester may be eligible for the Presidential International Scholarship.

This George Washington University award is open to all eligible applicants, although priority is given to those who submit their applications by the deadline.

2. Scholarship “You Are Welcome Here” 

Scholarship Amount

The scholarship pays for half of a student’s tuition. 

The goal of this social media campaign and scholarship program, which is being carried out by many universities around the United States, is to reassure international students that they are welcome and safe on campus.

George Washington University offers two scholarships each year that cover at least half of a student’s tuition.

Applicants must submit a multimedia presentation or answer a brief essay question about how to make their college a more diverse community.


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