Best High Schools in Canada for international students in 2022

Best High Schools in Canada for international students in 2022

  These top high schools in Canada use world-class first-class educational programs, the latest educational tools and technologies, erudite and experienced educational faculties, as well as luxurious facilities and living facilities [boarding schools]. 

After graduating from these well-known Canadian high schools, students are likely to be able to enter colleges or universities and build bright, progressive and rich careers in interested professions, businesses or services in Canada or around the world.  However, tuition fees charged by Canada’s best high schools for international students and boarding schools are much higher than other categories of Canadian high schools.

How does high school upper secondary education work in Canada?

  In most Canadian provinces and territories, secondary or upper secondary education begins in 8th grade at the age of 14; and the school year begins in September.  In general, Canadian high schools offer education in grades 7 or 8 through 12 and issue High School Certificates upon successful completion of high school.

  More information on secondary education in Canada, as well as on primary education, is easily available on the official website of the Canadian International Accreditation Information Center (CICIC).

Why go to high school in Canada?

  Canada is now one of the most popular high schools in the world for international students.  Of the bright cities such as Toronto, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec; in wonderful regions such as British Columbia and Newfoundland, Canada is a pleasant environment for international students.  Canadians are friendly, well-educated, and provide excellent hospitality to international students, and Canada’s public, private, and boarding schools prepare international students for higher education in Canada and abroad.

 Educatius provides international students to more than 50 high schools across Canada, and they receive support day and night through our promise of service.  In Canada, students can study under our SELECT High School program, where they can choose exactly where they want to study and if they want to study for a semester, year or several years.

Does attending high school in Canada help me get admission into Canada universities?

  Having a Canadian high school diploma can significantly increase the chances of international students entering post-secondary education compared to an international diploma.  This is because Canadian colleges and universities can recognize and quickly evaluate student learning.

  For international students who want to apply for post-secondary school in the United States, Canadian high school diplomas are valued in the same way as US diplomas.  Canadian students can even take Advanced Placement (AP) courses, which you can find in American high schools.

  US colleges and universities typically have standardized admission testing requirements.  Seniors in Canada can find local SAT and ACT training courses and testing centers that allow them to meet these requirements.

  What is the cost of high school in Canada?

  Many schools charge international students a fee, which can range from about C $ 8,000 to C $ 14,000 per year.  Please contact the school you want your teen to attend to confirm the value of international students, if any.  Sometimes schools charge a small fee for your child’s participation in extracurricular activities such as sports teams or school walks.  In high school, many students bring their own lunch to school, but some schools have cafes or hot lunch programs where your child can buy food.

Best High Schools in Canada for international students

·         Rosseau Lake College

  Rosseau Lake College is one of Canada’s most popular high schools for international students.  Although the school is small, it is well known and one of the most reputable boarding schools in Canada.  It is located in the largest Canadian province of Ontario, on the shores of Lake Rosso.  The school has a quiet, peaceful and safe environment with picturesque landscapes, where students will be comfortable to study all year round.

  Thanks to the successful location of the college campus, which opens up a wide range of opportunities for students to walk, play sports and other activities.  The program offered at Rosso Lake College is based on proven British programs, and the curriculum meets the high standards of the Ministry of Education of Canada and the Ministry of Education of the Province of Ontario.

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·         Albert College

The mission of the school is to provide students with basic education and opportunities for creative and physical development.  The school management has adopted a strategy aimed at equipping students with the program, and this strategy is being successfully implemented. 

One of the ways to prove the effectiveness of this strategy is the attitude of students to learning, which was very positive.  Every year, 99% of its students go to universities, colleges in Canada, the United States, and much more, and more than 80% of children continue their education in priority educational institutions.  This college has international students from 20 countries, and the school is open to more and more international students each year.

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·         Columbia International College

  Located in Hamilton, Ontario, Columbia International College is one of Canada’s largest high schools for international students, accepting students between the ages of 13 and 19.  The curriculum of this university not only forms full-fledged students for independent admission to the chosen university, but also deepens students’ academic and linguistic knowledge, as well as teaches students to be citizens of the world, to adapt to conditions abroad. 

  The school enrolls more than 1,300 students annually, and as a very popular high school in Canada, it accepts international students from 66 countries.  Graduates of the school have witnessed great academic success, with 100% of its graduates enrolled in selected prestigious universities around the world each year, and 70% of graduates selected by Canada’s top universities, including the University of Toronto, Western Ontario, UBC, Waterloo, Alberta, McMaster and McMaster.  .

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·         Fulford Academy

  Although Fulford Academy is a small private boarding school in Brockville, it is one of Canada’s top colleges for international students.  Higher education is truly international, as almost all boarding school students are of foreign origin.  Fulford Academy is known for its intricate family atmosphere, making it unique and unique among other Canadian high schools for international students.

  This educational institution can boast of high academic results of its students and the fact that after graduation its students enter higher universities, colleges of the country and the world.  The school emphasizes language training, and this is one of the main features of the school.  At Fulford Academy, English is studied as a foreign language.  Fulford attracts international students with its high-quality courses and convenient location and is located a few kilometers from the border with the United States.

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·         Royal Crown Academic School

  Royal Crown Academic School is Canada’s highest school for international students, dedicated to helping students succeed and achieve their dreams.  This is a private high school located in downtown Toronto.  The Royal Crown Academic School is part of the Royal School Group, which includes a career college that accepts both international and domestic students.

  At Royal Crown, students are cared for individually to meet their individual needs, and it is in this process that the school can help international students settle in, feel at home, get to know the environment, people and culture.  The school curriculum is challenging, and it pushes students to succeed.

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·         Bronte College

  Located in Mississauga, Greater Toronto, Bronte College is a private high school for Canadian and international students that offers education to students in grades 9 to 12.  Bronte College was founded in 1991 and has been offering quality education and positive experience in boarding schools to foreign students for 30 years and 400 students from 30 different countries study among foreign students.  Graduates of this high school are awarded a worldwide Ontario high school diploma.

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·         Keystone International School

  Founded in 2012, Keystone International Schools serves both local and foreign high school students aged 9 to 12.  Keystone is part of the Ontario Curriculum with a project-based approach to learning key self-management skills among many others.  It is located in downtown Toronto and prepares students for success after high school.  In addition to the general core subjects of the school, students choose electives based on their interests and potential career choices.  This selection is a process involving students, parents, teachers and counselors.

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·         Blyth Academy

  Blyth Academy is one of Canada’s best high schools for international students, known for its small class size, which helps it achieve effective teaching, learning and monitoring of each class member for maximum productivity.  The school environment is very enthusiastic and makes learning easy, fun and interesting.  Blyth Academy is one of Canada’s high schools for international students, and every international student is attracted to high school.

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·         Upper Canada College

  Upper Canadian College (UCC) is a high school that specializes in boys’ education.  It is one of the best high schools for boys in Canada for international students seeking to teach a boy unique ways to learn and grow.  Graduates of this school are highly valued at leading universities and colleges in Canada and around the world.

  As a reputable high school, its global alumni network includes leaders and innovators in finance, the arts, politics, athletics, the media and more.  The school is distinguished by its financial aid programs among independent schools in Canada, which means that the school spends $ 5 million a year.  The school has many programs that will appeal to international students.

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How to apply for admission to Canadian high schools

  Admission to a Canadian high school is usually less stressful than university.  This minimum requirement is often only a passing estimate (average 50%).  Students will also be required to provide several documents as part of their application, including:

  • Passport copy
  • History of the school for the last three years
  • Completed application
  • Declaration of Conformity

  International students must have proficiency in English from intermediate to advanced level to study at an English-speaking high school in Canada.  Applications can often be submitted without an English exam, but students may need to complete it online once they have received their offer of admission.  If a student has a low level of English, he or she may need to take ESL courses, sometimes for an additional fee.


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