How Internships Increase Your Starting Salary as a Fresh Graduate

Do you really want to know how internships increase your starting salary as a fresh graduate, then don’t skip this article?

Getting an internship is an excellent method to create a resume and network with future colleagues in the same sector.

This post will look at how internships increase your starting salary as a fresh graduate income as a college grad.

What Exactly Is an Intern?

Individuals (students or trainees) who are enrolled in a professional learning program that offers them practice work linked to their interests or field of study are considered interns.

Before committing to a specific career path, these experiences help students to enhance their resumes and improve their abilities.

While most internships are for graduate or college students.

Working individuals who want to change careers or gain degrees may also be interested in these possibilities.

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Is it possible to get paid for an internship?

Even though most internships are unpaid, some may be.

For an internship to be termed unpaid, both the employer and the intern must agree that the internship will be owed.

This is especially true when the labor includes academic credit that can be applied to a student’s degree.

Individuals who will eventually become employees must be trained.

Many businesses compensate for their internships.

Interns are paid by Fortune 500 businesses and some private sector firms.

These professions can be found in a variety of industries, including banking, advertising, and public relations.

The national average hourly wage for paid interns is around $12.88.

The income, however, can vary based on the sector and area.

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Internships and Your Starting Salary as a Fresh Graduate

Internships are extremely beneficial, particularly for college students.

When trying to fill open positions, companies typically hire past interns.

The following are some ways internships might boost your beginning income as a recent graduate.

Automation and technology

Almost every process within a company is now run by complicated software.

Companies no longer hire entry-level college graduates to do grunt work.

They have the necessary software.

We now require graduates who understand the underlying procedures and can use software to do their duties.

These software packages are frequently not taught in universities.

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With the development of online job applications, the number of persons looking for work has skyrocketed.

Many firms now utilize an applicant tracking system to manage the influx of resumes due to the complexity of the application process.

These systems rank and filter submitted applications using complex algorithms.

Typically, recruiters simply look at the most relevant ones for each post.

Internships position you at the pinnacle of these technologies.

A large number of students are graduating.

Every year, around two million students in the United States graduate with a bachelor’s degree.

There are over 19 million college students.

The number of college graduates has increased dramatically over the last decade.

This means that entry-level occupations will be more competitive.

Internships provide you with a competitive edge.


The growing number of students has heightened competition for internships.

It is also critical for students to begin sooner in order to secure more chances.

If students do not have an internship during their first year, it may be more difficult for them to obtain one during their second year.

The summer internship program for junior and senior students fills about one-third of entry-level opportunities.

This is due to the fact that the interview process often begins in sophomore year.

The Advantages of Internships

Internships are an excellent opportunity to discover your future job.

They provide you the opportunity to explore many professions and decide what is best for you, all while learning critical skills that companies require.

Internships benefit both students and businesses in significant ways. Internships offer:

  • Work experience and skill application in the real world
  • Gaining access to networking contacts
  • A chance to develop relevant skills for your resume

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Unpaid Internships

Even if students plan for higher-paying jobs with better odds of success, unpaid internships might be beneficial.

Although you will not be paid, there may be other benefits such as user experience and networking possibilities that could lead to future job chances.

The more experience you have under your belt, the higher your starting salary.

Pay Internships

While all forms of internships can be valuable, paid internships can result in higher beginning salaries, more job offers, and a shorter job search following graduation.

In reality, 79.9% of qualifying interns are hired.

Paid internships are becoming more popular as a strategy to bridge the gap between unpaid interns and full-time employees.

Employers who want to hire from a pool of interns frequently offer paid internships.

Which allows interns to do real work and exhibit their talents.

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