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You will get to know how to be the best executive assistant ever just by going through this article.

Executive assistants are critical members of a firm since they’re the executive’s right-hand man (or woman)!

A competent executive assistant will go all out to ensure that the firm is on track by guaranteeing that the executive they are aiding is on peak of everything else and more.

Continue reading to unveil the secrets of how to be the best executive assistant ever.

Who is an Executive Assistant

An Executive Assistant is a professional who manages the appointments and communications of key leaders in their organization. They organize meetings and corporate activities, as well as handle emails and phone calls.

Qualifications and Skills

Work experience as an Executive Assistant, Personal Assistant, or a comparable position

  • Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office
  • Excellent organizational and time management abilities
  • Familiarity with office equipment and software (e.g. e-calendars and copy machines)
  • Outstanding verbal and written communication abilities
  • Confidentiality and discretion
  • A high school diploma
  • A PA diploma or certification is preferred.

Responsibilities of an Executive Assistant

  • Serve as a liaison between executives, staff, clients, and other external partners.
  • Control the flow of information in a timely and correct manner.
  • Set up meetings and manage executives’ schedules.
  • Arrange travel and lodging reservations.
  • Record daily expenditures and create weekly, monthly, or quarterly reports.
  • Supervise the work of other clerical personnel.
  • Maintain office supplies inventory as an office manager.
  • Memos, emails, presentations, and reports should all be formatted for internal and external communication.
  • Take several minutes at meetings.
  • Phone calls are screened and directed, and correspondence is distributed.
  • Maintain and organize the office filing system

Salary of an Executive Assistant

According to, the median yearly income of an Executive Assistant in 2016 was $55,860.

Remember that, like any other employment, this can vary depending on the amount of experience and the place one resides.

How to be the Best Executive Assistant Ever

Here are tips on how to become the best executive assistant ever.

Highly organized

Have you ever been type of person who could really tell friends and relatives that they won’t be capable of attending that doctor’s appointment on the 15th since Janine will be visiting?

Or who are you continually assuring that individuals are at the right place at the appropriate time?

As an executive assistant, you are the executive’s railway station supervisor.

You will play a critical part in guaranteeing that the executive is in the right place at the appropriate time and that they do not neglect to send that specific email by 4 p.m. on Wednesday.

You’ll be accountable for the tiniest things, in both your office and in the lives of those you help, therefore if you’re naturally organized, you’re currently on the right track.

Make a to-do list for tomorrow before leaving the office.

Don’t squander your time! Compose a to-do list of responsibilities that you’ll need to concentrate on tomorrow while your thoughts are still fresh in your mind before leaving the office.

The extra 5-10 minutes you spend on this will undoubtedly pay off when you get at the workplace in the morning as you’ll know where you are.

It guarantees that you do not squander time since you understand what is a primary concern and what needs your immediate attention.

Visualize What You WILL Achieve

Start your day at the office with the final goal in mind.

Take 5 minutes to consider the outcomes you need to attain today. THEN determine what chores will assist you in getting there.

At this stage, go over your to-do list as from night before to ensure that all of your chores are in the appropriate spot.

You want to help people.

If you appreciate assisting others in reaching their goals and strive to satisfy, becoming an executive assistant may be the ideal job for you.

As an executive assistant, you aspire to serve not only the company or organization, but also the individual executive for whom you work.

You are assisting them in achieving their objectives, which implies you are also achieving your objectives.

If you don’t enjoy assisting people in achieving their goals and needs, you should look for another job.

You are more familiar with your boss than they are with you.

Perhaps one of your responsibilities will be to develop and manage your employer’s regular routines.

Your role is to understand exactly what the executive has to accomplish each day and when, whether that’s preparing meetings, phone conferences, or booking tickets (and ensuring they arrive on time).

You will also notice whenever they begin to over-commit, at which point you can reschedule appointments or limit the amount of meetings and appointments adhered to.

You’ll be on the lookout for signs that your boss is stressed, and before long, you’ll understand them more than they understand themselves.

Be an excellent communicator.

Being a good communicator entails more than just being a great communicator. To be a successful executive assistant, you must be an effective communicator in general.

You ought to be capable of effectively communicating coherently, and successfully in person, on the phone, by email, or via instant message.

Even better if you communicate in other languages effectively and this will aid your executive and their clients.

Be an excellent multitasker.

Could you do multiple tasks at once? Are you able to concentrate on the go and work on multiple tasks at the same time?

There will be instances when you will be required to think quickly and execute several jobs at once.

Regardless of how daunting, it remains crucial to have a level head, remain calm, and concentrate on the activities that must be completed.

If you can maintain your cool under pressure, this could be the perfect role for you.

Technologically savvy

Technology is regularly evolving at a quick speed. Knowing and understanding the newest technology in a range of sectors will keeps you forward of the game and offer you a strategic advantage when looking for jobs.

One must be familiar with and comprehend all forms of office equipment, including fax machines, telephones, smartphones, PCs running both Windows and Mac software, tablets, and software also including email platforms and different organisational applications.

Because technology is constantly growing, you’ll have to keep up with the most recent updates and be flexible in adapting to changes in current technology as well as devices that may be completely new to you.


Do you want to become the best executive assistant ever? Then all you need to do is just go through this article. How to be the best executive assistant ever is well written to put you through your dreams.

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