How To Become A Certified Aromatherapist in USA 2022

How To Become A Certified Aromatherapist in USA 2022

To become a certified Aromatherapist, you have to successfully pass the ARC RA exam, before you will be added to the international online database of registered ARC aromatherapists.  The RA registration (valid for five years) confirms your high level of aromatherapy education and demonstrates a commitment to the ethical, safe use and application of essential oils when working with the public.

  Aromatherapy can either complement another healing art, such as massage or reflexology, or it can be practiced on its own.  And as society continues to focus on health and wellness, aromatherapy is recognized as an excellent natural treatment to improve well-being and improve mood with the help of aromatic substances.

  What is Aromatherapy meaning?

  Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils to produce specific reactions in patients that can help them heal.  Working as an aromatherapist can be a rewarding career, as their main goal is usually to help clients feel better.  If you are interested in becoming an aromatherapist, it may be helpful to learn about the steps you can take to get started in the industry.  In this article, we will look at what a career as an aromatherapist is, explain how to become one, and explore some additional professions related to aromatherapy.

  Who is a certified Aromatherapist?

  RA is an aromatherapist who has successfully demonstrated basic knowledge of aromatherapy by passing the Aromatherapy Registration Council (ARC) exam.  The focus of the ARC RA Examination is the safe use of essential oils and covers topics such as scientific principles, administration and professional issues in aromatherapy.  It is also available in several languages, including English, Japanese and Korean.

 What does it take to become a certified Aromatherapist?

  A diploma or certificate from an aromatherapy school is not a national certificate and is not a “license to practice”.  Therefore, it is very important not to present yourself as a doctor when you start practicing aromatherapy.  Because of this, career opportunities in aromatherapy after receiving aromatherapy education (depending on your other skills) can be very diverse. 

Potential career opportunities in Aromatherapy

  • Aromatherapy consultant
  • Essential oil store manager
  • Manufacturer of essential oil
  • Own aromatherapy blender for aromatherapy bar
  • Participant of a holistic medical clinic of the community
  • A business entrepreneur who consults with aromatherapy
  • Retailer of essential oils
  • Author of aromatherapy and author of books
  • Teacher of aromatherapy

What can I do with aromatherapy degree?

  Many also use their aromatherapy education as an additional component to improve existing natural or allopathic health practices.  Qualified aromatherapists often successfully incorporate their recent knowledge into their current health care practice.  Many naturopaths, masseurs, chiropractors, sports medicine therapists, energy healers, psychotherapists, aestheticians, Ayurvedic clinicians and Chinese medicine practitioners include the use of essential oils in their healing arts to enhance the desired effect.

Aromatherapy Registration Process

  The Aromatherapy Registration Council deals with the process of registration and certification of aromatherapists.  To enroll in the ARC, students must provide proof of completion of a 200-hour aromatherapy education course approved by the NAHA, agree to the ARC disciplinary policy, complete and apply for the ARC Aromatherapy Registration Exam, and pay the appropriate fees.  After students have passed the registration exam, they can expect to receive registration certificates in about four to six weeks.

How To Become A Certified Aromatherapist in USA 2022

·          Complete the approved aromatherapy program

  Whether or not a person has experience in health care, they will need to undergo an aromatherapy program approved by the Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA) or the National Holistic Aromatherapy Association (NAHA).  Programs must have at least 200 contact hours to meet their requirements, and many aromatherapy programs available online are slightly above the minimum.  In these programs, students can learn about business practices as well as the basics of aromatherapy, and programs can take up to nine months if a student is enrolled in full-time study.

·          Apply for AIA or NAHA membership

  Before moving on to certification, people must become members of an existing association.  Both AIA and NAHA are open to individuals who have either registered or just completed an aromatherapy program.  Any membership application can be completed online.

·          Apply for the certification exam

  After completing the online training, people can apply for the Aromatherapy Registration Board (ARC) certification exam.  This application can be submitted through the ARC website, which will confirm the identity of the person, and then allow you to set a date for the exam.  When applying for the exam, individuals will be required to provide proof of their preparation, the candidate’s consent form, and consent to the ARC’s disciplinary policy.  The application fee and the exam can be sent by mail.

·          Sit for the exam

  Now it’s time to take the exam!  Once you have applied, the PTC will contact you within six weeks of notification of compliance.  The Compliance Notice will indicate how to schedule the exam, as well as remind you of the available exam dates.  The ARC exam is offered during the established two-week testing period, Monday through Saturday, excluding public holidays.  You may have other instructions if you are taking a paper-based exam in Japanese or Korean, so read your Notice of Compliance carefully.

·          Get your exam scores and registry notifications

  Once you complete your exam, it will be sent to the PTC for evaluation.  If you have passed the exam, the PTC will inform the ARC that you are a successful candidate (congratulations!).  After that, the ARC will prepare a registration certificate and update the Register.  This process can take four to six weeks.

  If you have passed the exam, the test results and your registration package will be sent to you by mail.  As a successful registrant, be sure to send an ARC email to confirm any information you wish to provide in the Registry.  ARC will automatically display your name and address, but you can also request that your website, phone number, and email be included in your list.

·          Confirm the certification

  Once the test results are ready, they will be sent to the ARC, as well as to the candidate by mail.  Candidates who have passed the exam will need to contact the ARC to ensure that the information on their register lists is complete and accurate.


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