How to Become a Garbage Man

Are you interested to know how to become a garbage man? Then this article got you covered about everything you need on how to become a garbage man.

Garbage collectors are very important workers because they help keep our neighborhoods and homes tidy.

These experts must be in great physical shape, be able to work well with others, and know how to deal with trash.

In this article, we’ll talk about what a garbage collector does, how to become a garbage man, how much garbage collectors make on average, and what skills you need to work in this field.

Please read on to know more about how to become a garbage man.

What Does a Person who Picks up Trash do?

A garbage collector is a person who works in the waste management field for both private and public companies.

These people pick up trash from homes, businesses, and other places and take it to a certain place where it can be thrown away properly.

Garbage collectors often work with two or three other people who are also in the business of getting rid of trash.

They usually get around in a big garbage truck and use both the truck’s tools and their own hands to pick up trash. A garbage collector also has to do the following:

1.Getting around residential and business streets to pick up trash in the right places.

2. Using the hydraulic lifts that are attached to the garbage truck.

3. Taking care of the garbage truck.

4. Getting rid of trash that needs special care, like trash that is toxic or very big.

5. Working with and removing dangerous materials, then putting them away in the right way.

Skills that Garbage Collectors Need

Even though you don’t need a degree to be a garbage collector, here are the most important skills you’ll need:

1.Customer service skills: Some garbage collectors deal with the public, like homeowners or business owners. When you work with people in the community, you need to be friendly and have good customer service skills.

2. Garbage collectors need to be strong and have a lot of stamina because they spend most of their day driving garbage trucks and lifting heavy trash bags and other things.

3. Most garbage collectors work with two or three other people as part of a team. They must be able to work with others on the team and talk to them in a way that makes sure everyone has the same expectations.

4. Time management skills: Trash collectors often have to get to several places every day on time. These professionals are effective and do their jobs every day because they know how to keep track of time and manage a schedule with multiple stops.

Average Salary for Garbage Collectors

It’s not uncommon for garbage collectors to make between $30,000 and $45,000.

The national average salary for garbage collectors and dump truck drivers in the United States is $44,221 per year, but this figure is constantly updated.

Several factors, including their level of experience, where they work, and where they are located, influence how much these professionals earn.

A garbage collector with three to five years of experience, for example, earns an average of $50,633 per year, while those with less than one year of experience earn an average of $38,347 annually.

Additionally, garbage collectors in Colorado Springs, CO, earn an average of $49,932 per year, while those in Orlando, FL, earn an average of $37,764 per year.

Garbage collectors who work full-time often receive full benefits packages in addition to their salary.

Garbage Collectors’ Working Conditions

They are employed in the open air and spend the majority of their time in a garbage truck or on the ground, sorting and collecting waste.

They are exposed to all weather conditions, including snow and rain, on a daily basis.

A typical shift would be from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, but they may also work unusual hours, such as early in the morning or late at night, depending on their job.

They need to be physically fit and able to operate the hydraulic system and drive the garbage truck in order to pick up and dispose of trash.

They frequently have to lift and place heavy items into the garbage truck or another container for waste disposal.

Additionally, these professionals are frequently exposed to hazardous and/or dangerous materials, and they must take the necessary precautions to avoid harm.

It is possible for them to be exposed to dust inhalation and broken glass as well as other hazardous materials.

How to Become a Garbage Man

However, even if you don’t need any formal training, there are a few things you can do to get started in the garbage collection industry:

1. To Graduate from High School, you’ll Need a Diploma.

A high school diploma or GED is almost always required for employment as a garbage collector. An alternative to high school diplomas is the GED exam.

2. Begin a Regular Exercise Regimen to get in Shape.

This position requires a lot of physical effort. Get your upper body and core strength up to speed with daily workouts before applying.

With the help of these workouts, your job as a garbage collector will become easier.

A garbage collection job can be physically demanding if you’re older or suffer from a preexisting injury.

3. Gain Knowledge

Before pursuing a career as a garbage collector, you can gain experience in a variety of ways.

Getting experience for a job as a garbage collector can be obtained by working in jobs that require you to collaborate with others and regularly engage in strenuous physical activity.

As an example, a job with a moving company can provide valuable experience in teamwork and regular lifting of heavy objects.

4. Obtain a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)

To increase your chances of being hired, you should obtain a commercial driver’s license before applying for the position.

You can apply for a CDL at to learn more about how to obtain this license, click here

5.Put in a Job Application

Garbage collectors can begin applying for jobs once they have a high school diploma or equivalent, some work experience, and a commercial driver’s license in their possession.

In addition to job boards and waste management websites, these positions are frequently advertised.

If you have no previous waste management experience, you may want to start with entry-level positions.

6. Make a Resume that Emphasizes your Suitability for the Position.

Apply for the garbage collection jobs you want by creating a resume using word processing software like Word or Google Docs that highlights your work history and qualifications.

Do not forget to include your personal contact information, such as your phone number and email address, as well as a list of references.


Garbage collection is an essential but often-overlooked service that most of us take for granted.

They must be physically fit, able to drive a truck and willing to work long shifts, even if it means getting up very early or staying up late.

Garbage collector jobs are more likely to be found when you prepare a resume, apply for them, and keep in touch with the company after you’ve applied.

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