Do you want to know how to become a successful animator? If you want to turn a pastime into a job, becoming an animator can be a fun choice.

The discipline of animation may be ideal for you if you value the arts and desire a rewarding job.

Even though the criteria for animators can vary, it might be advantageous if you also have drawing or graphic design talents.

Depending on the field you pick, your animator training requirements will change because different sectors employ different tools and methodologies.

You might wish to know the answer to the question, “What do animators do?” before deciding on a profession.

For websites, movies, videos, games, and mobile media, animators use computers and animation software to produce 2-D and 3-D animation.

Modern animation still relies on drawing and sculpting abilities, but the industry has expanded thanks to the convergence of art and cutting-edge technology.

Many animators are self-employed and frequently work from home, so they must constantly be on the lookout for new freelancing jobs.

Others work full-time for businesses and studios. In either scenario, animators frequently work long work weeks and occasionally on the weekend.

Continue reading to know more on how to become a successful animator.

Education Requirements for Animators

What degree do you need to be an animator? is a question you might have if you’re newly beginning college or looking to switch majors. A bachelor’s degree in graphic arts, visual arts, or computer animation is often required for an animator’s education.

They should have artistic and creative abilities, as well as excellent interpersonal and time management skills. Additionally, they must be knowledgeable about computers and capable of using tools for video and animation processing.

Animators Salary

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2019, the median annual wage for all animators and multimedia artists was $75,270. A four percent growth in employment is anticipated for multimedia artists and animators between 2019 and 2029, according to BLS.

How to Become a Successful Animator

When deciding how to become an animator, you have a variety of options, just like with many other careers.

However, there are several important factors to take into account while choosing the right education and training for this profession. So what kind of schooling is required to become an animator? What additional training is required to become an animator after graduating?

1.Enroll in a degree program or animation courses.

Like most people, attending school is really the first step for how to become an animator. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that a bachelor’s degree is often required for work as a multimedia artist or animator.

Naturally, the animation program you select should be based on your unique professional objectives, prior education, and current talents.

Along with non-degree choices like certificate and diploma programs, you have the choice of associate’s and bachelor’s graduate degrees.

While non-degree courses focus on particular expertise and may need for previous knowledge or current abilities, degree programs often offer a characterizes the degree, progressing from foundational to advanced courses.

In either case, make sure to select a program that offers you practical knowledge with industrial technologies and that is instructed by experts in this field.

2. Get experience working

The standards for animators heavily weigh job experience. The vast majority of companies favor artists with credentials.

As a graduating student, students enrolled in degree programs for animation might complete internships to gain on-the-job experience. Before moving up to the full animation professions, graduates and animators without a formal degree will typically need to work in assisting roles for a while.

Additionally, this industry offers a wide range of freelance possibilities for different skill levels, giving the designer still another way to gain important internships.

Consider getting skills in occupations that have comparable responsibilities if you are just starting out. Basic animator tasks include things like:

1.Making visual effects and illustrations

2. Collaborating with additional animators

3. Looking for design inspiration through research

4. Modifying animations to match graphics

3. Make a standout demo clip and portfolio.

Most expert in the field who has been asked how to become an animator will tell you that having a strong portfolio is essential. Building portfolio pieces is a crucial component of the curriculum in our Media Arts & Animation programs at The Art Institutes family of schools.

The greatest option for animators is to host their online portfolio, where they could have a section for a quick demo reel and another for longer work examples. A summary of the work you accomplished and your project objectives should be included in each article you share. Only showcase your best work, updating your portfolio and reel as you develop bold new works.

4. Keep up your proficiency.

Attending workshops that cover cutting-edge software applications and market developments will help animators stay effective and competitive. Both institutions and software manufacturers like Autodesk and Adobe are offering these courses.

You ought to read trade journals. Publications that focus on the graphics and animation sector are useful, unbiased sources of information with coverage of market trends and recent technological advancements. Publications that are accessible in print and online can be subscribed to by artists.

5. Investigate Animation Courses & Programs

Do you have any questions on how to become an animator? The knowledge you require can be acquired through one of our online programs or a Media Arts & Animation program at an Art Institute campus close to you.

As a substitute, maybe you’ll find whatever you’re searching for in our Game Art & Creation courses if you’re interested in¬†animation in the setting of the video game.


Becoming a successful animator, you just need to have certain certification. In this article you will know the how to become a successful animator and more. Read carefully to know more about animators certification.

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