How to Get a Pharmacy Technician Job

How to Get a Pharmacy Technician Job

How to get a pharmacy technician job is what will be discussed in this post.

Prescription satisfaction and day-to-day operations are handled by pharmacy technicians, who assist the pharmacist in these tasks.

How to get a pharmacy technician job is covered in this comprehensive guide to the profession.

Pharmacy technician training and the job outlook for the next decade are covered in detail in this article.

What is a Pharmacy Technician?

In order to ensure that patients receive the best possible care, pharmacy technicians work alongside pharmacists.

Community (retail) pharmacies; hospitals; pharmaceutical production or sales in the pharmaceutical industry; prisons; and primary care, education, military, or veterinary practices are just some of the places where pharmacy technicians can find work.

Pharmacy technicians play various roles in different locations, and each state has its own rules about what a pharmacy technician can and cannot do.

What Is the Job of a Pharmacist’s Helper?

There are many opportunities for pharmacy technicians. As a pharmacy technician, you’ll be responsible for dispensing medication and informing customers.

In most cases, pharmacy technicians work behind the counter of a drugstore, grocery store, hospital, nursing home, or another type her type of medical facility.

Pharmacists, patients, and pharmaceutical representatives are all involved in this position.

How to Get a Pharmacy Technician Job

Below are guidance on how to get a pharmacy technician job.


In lists of job-hunting advice, this is frequently mentioned as if it’s not the most daunting component of the method.

Develop an elevator pitch that you can share with family and friends when they inquire about your plans or what you plan to do after graduation.

Be prepared to discuss the type of pharmacy you’d like to work in (hospital, retail, private, institutional).

When you least expect it, someone may know someone who knows someone who knows someone who can give you a leg up.

2. Your Resume Should be Updated.

Determine what type of pharmacy you want to work in by creating separate resumes for each path you’re interested in.

Make sure to ask your teachers about the specific requirements of each setting.

3. Advertise Your Products and Services on the Internet.

When it comes to online presence, it’s difficult to strike a balance between “being present” and “professional.”

If your career counselors or professors recommend that you submit your resume to industry websites, do so.

Check your social media privacy settings and keep striving to become the kind of pharmacy tech you would really want to have controlling your prescription in all of your online interactions!

4. An Externship/internship Should be Completed.

An internship or externship in a pharmacy can help you build your professional network and gain hands-on experience.

Externships are a standard part of many online schools’ curricula, while they are also offered by some businesses. To find out if you’re a good fit for a position, do some research.

This confidence can then be cultivated by interacting with colleagues at your internship or externship as well as using career center assets as well as LinkedIn contacts.

Make a few business cards and hand them out at mixers to help people remember you.

Responsibility is what a hospital most needs from its pharmacists, and retail pharmacies should show that they have that experience on display.

keeping your cool under pressure? Is there a lot of attention to detail? What about a facility like a prison or a rehabilitation center?

Make sure the content is tailored to the intended audience. Check out the physical layout as well. Is there a lot of people here?

Is it easy to follow? concise? Do you have a resume that highlights your relevant work experience?

Pharmacy Technician Duties

A pharmacy technician is most often found working in a storefront pharmacy. A lot of the time, they greet customers as soon as they walk in.

They can help in the following ways:

  • Having a conversation about your health history
  • Keeping track of your data in their system
  • Medication questions and answers
  • Directing you to a pharmacy
  • To check on the status of your prescriptions
  • Supplying you with comprehensive directions for the administration of your medication
  • Responding to inquiries about ailments and other health issues

Pharmacy Technicians Need to Have These Characteristics

Pharmacy technicians need the following characteristics or skills to perform their duties well.

Customer Service Abilities.

As pharmacy technicians spend a large portion of their time interacting with customers, it is imperative that they be courteous and helpful.

Pays Close Attention to the Smallest of Details.

Mistakes in the filling of prescriptions can have serious health consequences. Despite the fact that the pharmacist is ultimately responsible for the safety of all medications, pharmacy technicians can help by paying close attention to the little things.

Learning to Pay Attention.

When taking prescription orders, pharmacy technicians must speak clearly with pharmacists and doctors. Technicians must pay close attention to the needs of their customers when speaking with them in order to determine whether or not a pharmacist should be consulted.

Math Skills

Counting pills and compounding medications necessitate mathematical skills in pharmacy technicians.

The Ability to Manage Oneself.

As a pharmacy technician, you must handle a wide range of tasks at once. As a pharmacy technician, you must be able to prioritize your work while still providing excellent customer service.


This article is loaded with guides on how to get a pharmacy technician job. Well detailed on the skills, needed, their duties, and who a pharmacy technician is. Read carefully to all the information that you need.

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