How to share a job posting on Linkedin will be shared in this article. You will get to know the necessary steps on how to share a job posting on linkedin just by going through this post.

Fortunately, advertising job openings to your Linkedin network, email list, or favorite social networking apps is as simple as sending a link.

If you’ve produced your own job advertisements and want to distribute them on Linkedin, this article will walk you through the process.

If you’d want to announce new positions at your organization, you may also use Linkedin’s “Share That You’re Hiring” option.

Read on to know how to share a job posting on linkedin.

How to Share jobs with Phone

The following are guides on how to share jobs on Linkedin with Mobile phone

Number one

Use your Android, iPhone, or iPad to access the LinkedIn mobile app. What you’re looking for is an app with a blue “in” icon.

If you don’t already have the Linkedin app on your smartphone or tablet, you can download it for free from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

Number two

Go to the Work section by clicking on the Jobs button. The bottom-right corner of the screen is where you’ll find it.

Number Three

Check out the current job listings. If you’re looking for a specific type of employment, you may use the search box at the top of the screen to find it.

Select Manage Jobs from the three-dot menu next to the search bar in order to display your own listings when sharing jobs you’ve made.

Number Four

Click the 3 dots at the top of the job description •••. This icon can be found in the listing’s upper-right corner.

Number Five

Choose a way of sharing. Sharing job postings can be done in a variety of ways:

  • You can send a personal message or a link to the recipient by pressing the Share button In order to share via a direct message on Linkedin, you should include the information in a message.
  • Using the Share on Linkedin button, you can post a link to this listing to your Linkedin profile.
  • Select the app you wish to use and tap Share via… to share the listing on social media, via email, or via text messaging. To tweet about the job, for example, you can choose Twitter.
  • After selecting Share via…, press Copy to copy a link to the listing that you may paste elsewhere.

Number Six

Make a post or a message. Prior to sending, make sure you’ve selected the correct recipient(s).

If you have any more information to share regarding the position, please do so in the message body, tweet body, or post.

The message or post you create will have a link to the job listing attached to it.

  • Include some information about the job opening in your post so that others will click on the link if you’re sharing it. Do you enjoy your employment at this company and want to recommend it to others? Do you have any personal experience with the company’s positive work environment? Do you believe that the company is about to come out with something truly amazing? Get the word out to your friends and family!
  • Make it clear that you work for the company by saying “We’re hiring!” when you share a job advertisement.

Number Seven

Send or post a message to the group. Use the Send button to send a message, even if the app’s name isn’t exactly the same as one of these. The job posting will be sent to the specified recipients or networks.

How to share jobs with system

Below are steps on how to share jobs with system on Linkedin

Number one

In a web browser, type in Linkedin job ads can be shared with other Linkedin members, via email, or on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, using any computer browser on a PC or Mac.

Number Two

Simply click on “Jobs.” At the top of the page, you’ll see a briefcase icon that represents this.

Number Three

Check out the current job listings. Use the search bar in the upper-left corner to find a job or browse the suggested positions.
Click Manage job posts in the left panel to find a listing that you generated.

Number Four

Identify a job that you’d be willing to trade. This shows the specifics of the position, including the title, duties, and responsibilities.

Number Five

Right-clicking on the post’s arrow will bring up a menu. Several sharing options are available from the Share menu.

  • Click on the three-dot icon at the upper corner of your job listing to edit it.

Number Six

Determine where you want to post your job listing. Many methods exist for spreading the word about the job opportunity:

  • Select the Share in a post option if you’d want to share in a new Linkedin post.
  • Select Send in a message to send the listing to one of your contacts.
  • In order to post something on social media, you can choose between Twitter and Facebook.
  • To share elsewhere, such as in an email or on another social networking platform, copy the link to your clipboard by clicking Copy link.

Number Seven

Get started by writing your message, tweet, or post. If you’d like, you can include a brief description of the position with the direct link. Make sure to explain why you’re recommending this opportunity to others—do you now work there and enjoy it? It sounds like the workplace is a great place to work! Your enthusiasm for the company’s products should be an important factor in your decision. Your opportunity to draw attention to the position is at hand, so seize it!

  • Using the drop-down option in the top right corner, you can share with friends, with a specific group, or privately with a specific person.
  • You may paste a link to the listing into any new post or reply by right-clicking and clicking Paste.

Number Eight

Send or post a message to the group. Send, Post, Share, or Tweet the employment ad if you’d like.


Get to know how to post jobs on Linkedin just by going through this article. The article is well-detailed on how to share a job posting on Linkedin. Read carefully until every information.

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