How to Prepare for Immigration Medical Exam in 2022

How to Prepare for Immigration Medical Exam in 2022

Medical Exam for Immigration is a necessary part of immigration to the United States and obtaining permanent resident status (green card holder).  An appointment, sometimes called a green card medical examination, is a routine part of the process to ensure public safety and eliminate grounds for inadmissibility for planned immigrants.

Is Immigration a complete physical exam?

  Immigration medical examination is not a complete physical examination.  Its purpose is to screen for certain medical conditions related to U.S. immigration law.  The U.S. government does not require a physician to evaluate you for any conditions other than those determined by the U.S. Health Service for U.S. immigration purposes.  In addition, the government does not require a doctor to diagnose or treat you, even if he or she discovers other health problems.  This examination is not a substitute for a complete physical examination, consultation, diagnosis or treatment by your primary care physician.

What is the purpose of Immigration Medical Exam?

  The purpose of a green card medical examination is to make sure that a relative seeking a green card does not have a health condition that may make it “unacceptable” to the United States, ie he or she is not eligible for a green card.  .

  Many green card applicants are nervous about this stage of the process, and that’s okay.  But don’t worry!  Adequate preparation can make the whole exam less stressful, and also help to avoid any problems that may delay or lead to the rejection of your application for a green card.  In addition, it is rare to fail a medical examination.  And even if you have a condition that can complicate your application for a green card, you can often apply for a waiver.

  As in most other countries, the United States wants to make sure that everyone who aspires to become a resident is in good health and does not pose a risk to the health of themselves or others.  To this end, they have developed a medical examination that covers a wide range of health issues, from vaccination to mental health.

How can I prepare for Immigration Medical Exam?

  To make the process easier, there are many things you can do to prepare for the immigration exam, starting with downloading and filling out your sections of Form I-693, which you can find HERE.  Each section clearly states who should complete it, whether it is you, your translator or the preparer.  Any section that says, “Fill in with a civilian surgeon,” you must leave to us.

  If you have any questions about whether to fill out the section, it is best to wait until you come to us so we can prompt you.  In addition to completing (and bringing) the form, you must also have medical records with you, especially those related to your vaccination history.  If you have any underlying disease, you should have any relevant documentation with you, as well as a list of medications you are taking.

  How does Medical Immigration Medical Exam work?

  Your doctor starts the exam by reviewing your vaccination and medical history.  You must have all the vaccinations required by the Immigration and Citizenship Act and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  New vaccinations may be added, so make sure you are aware of the latest changes.  If you miss any vaccines, your doctor may inject them during the test.

  Your doctor will then perform a physical examination to check your eyes, nose, throat, ears, heart, lungs, abdomen, external genitalia, lymph nodes and skin.  Your doctor will also order a blood and urine test.  Physical analysis is useful for detecting any diseases or infectious diseases that do not meet public health standards.

  The last part of the exam focuses on your mental state.  This assessment mainly tests your cognitive skills, understanding, judgment, mood and behavior.  Your doctor is looking for any signs of mental or physical disorder that may lead to harmful behavior.

  What should I expect from Immigration Medical Exam?

  Your immigration examination includes a medical examination.  We recommend wearing comfortable clothing and drinking plenty of water before visiting to facilitate urine and / or blood collection.  You can expect your immigration medical examination to include a physical examination, including:

  • Skin test for tuberculosis
  • Check height and weight
  • Checking blood pressure
  • Assessment of lung function
  • Assessment of sight and hearing

  Your Prima Medicine provider will discuss with you any current symptoms you are experiencing, as well as previous medical diagnoses and any medications you are taking.  Your provider will also review your medical history and vaccination card and answer any questions.

What is tested in Immigration Medical Exam?        

  During the test, your doctor will assess any physical or mental disorders, including sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea or syphilis, and substance abuse problems.  If you have a history of drug or alcohol abuse, or a history of violence, you should tell your doctor.

  Although these issues do not prevent your application from being accepted, they will need to be considered by a team of physicians selected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  Failure to disclose any applicable terms may delay or suspend the successful processing of your application.

  What happens after your Immigration Medical Exam?

  Upon completion of the medical examination, your Prima Medicine doctor will sign and affix the completed I-693 form.  Once you receive a sealed form, you will not be able to open or change it.  If your form is opened or changed, it will be rejected.

  Your immigration examination will be valid for two years from the date your Prima Medicine doctor signs Form I-693.  You must submit a completed I-693 form with your residence application.  If you have an interview with USCIS scheduled, you can also take it with you at this time.  If you are ready to undergo a medical examination for immigration, make an appointment online or by phone at Prima Medicine today.

  How do I choose a doctor for my immigration medical examination?

  You can submit the results of the medical examination together with the rest of the application, which is called “simultaneous submission”.  However, if you pass your exam before you can apply for a green card, the results of the medical examination must be signed by a civilian surgeon within sixty days of applying for a green card.  If your doctor has signed the form more than sixty days before, you cannot apply at the same time.  Instead, you should wait to submit your medical form until you apply for a green card with the U.S.

Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), or you must bring the form for an interview.  Otherwise, you will have to repeat the medical examination.  If you are waiting for an application for a green card, you can send or submit your medical records within two years.


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