Call For Applications: Ingressive for Good (I4G) DataCamp Scholarship 2024

The demand for data scientists is skyrocketing as companies increasingly rely on data-driven strategies. Ingressive For Good is committed to meeting this demand by partnering with DataCamp Donates to offer African youths free access to data science education. With over 10,000 licenses available, you can choose from a variety of tracks including Data Science with R, Python, or SQL, as well as Data Analysis with R or Python.

Here are some key benefits of this partnership:

  1. Free Access: Thanks to the collaboration between I4G and DataCamp Donates, you can access the courses for free. If you encounter any payment prompts, reach out to the organizers for assistance.
  2. Professional Certification: Upon successful completion of exams, you’ll receive a professional certificate. This certification from DataCamp is a testament to your proficiency as either a Data Scientist or Data Analyst.

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Who is Eligible to Apply?

Eligibility for this program is open to all African youths, regardless of background knowledge in data. The courses are designed for individuals with little or no prior experience in the field—all you need is the willingness to learn. While a laptop isn’t mandatory to start the course, having one will enhance your practice sessions.

The deadline for applications is March 25, 2024.

How to Apply

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to advance your skills in data science. Click HERE to apply now!

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