13 BEST Intermediate Accounting Courses Online in 2022

13 BEST Intermediate Accounting Courses Online in 2022

Intermediate Accounting Courses Online cover some of the same concepts as the basic course, but in a little more detail.  Students expand their knowledge of accounting by focusing on the structure and objectives of presenting and disclosing financial statements in accordance with IFRS and ASPE. 

Particular attention is paid to the valuation and presentation of current assets, such as cash, receivables and inventories, and the emphasis is on the recognition of income under GAAP.  Students demonstrate their professional abilities during the discussion in class, performing assigned exercises and in-depth tasks.

Where can I find Intermediate Accounting Courses Online?

  The intermediate online accounting course on our list is offered by renowned universities through some of the best business schools in the country.  Courses are often presented by some of the same esteemed staff as those who teach traditional online classes or classes on campus.  Because of this, participants can count on an extremely high level of education, and it’s all free.  The flexibility of free online accounting courses is also an added benefit. 

How do Intermediate Accounting Courses Online work?

Many courses on this list do not require any prerequisites and offer fixed start dates.  This means that students can start their studies as soon as they are ready, without waiting for the beginning of the semesters.  Several options are offered in a format that does not change, which allows you to work at your own pace.  On the contrary, others are guided by instructors, which is an excellent preparation for a university degree.

  Who needs Intermediate Accounting Courses Online?

  • People working in small or medium-sized companies who need additional skills to better manage the company’s assets, reduce risk and create better reports or reports
  • Individuals in the financial position who want to advance their careers by expanding their financial knowledge and skills
  • Individuals who have received our Certificate in Accounting who plan to take the CPA exam

  The Interim Accounting Certificate was developed for individuals with 3-5 years of work experience and / or course work at the bachelor’s level in accounting and finance.  Students will complete the prerequisites of the course (Accounting I and Accounting II and College Algebra) before enrolling in this certificate.  This accounting certificate will appeal to those who want to change their careers in accounting and finance in financial services, as well as those who are currently working in the field and need advanced skills to move to senior management positions.

  Why Intermediate Accounting Courses Online?

  • It is under the guidance of experienced professionals

  The best accounting courses are taught by experts who also have experience in the field.  Before registering, review the facilitator’s resume to learn more about his or her professional experience.

  • Includes additional resources

  It is also helpful if the teacher offers additional resources in addition to lectures to help you understand vital concepts.  Look for courses with downloadable articles, resources, classes, or quizzes to test your knowledge.

  • Offers independent pace

  You need a course that allows you to set your own deadlines.  This way, you can work at a comfortable pace and meet your demanding schedule

13 BEST Intermediate Accounting Courses Online in 2022

·         Accounting Classes, Degree & their Certificates (Coursera)

  Intermediate online accounting classes are available in a variety of languages, such as English, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, and Korean. Here is a course for people who want to start an accounting career.  In fact, the student will know the basic things that need intermediate accounting.  In addition, you will receive tests and assignments to assess your learning progress.  Financial aid is available to those who are unable to pay their fees.  However, you can post the certificate in your LinkedIn profile to fill the vacancy.


·         Accounting classes and courses (Udemy)

  This online school helps anyone with a business learn accounting, accounting and commitment.  However, studying intermediate accounting courses here will help to know the principles of accounting.  You can learn how to develop an accounting information system for business.  In addition, they cover many topics such as SAP, SAP FICO, Excel, financial modeling and many others. 


·         Accounting courses (edX)

  In fact, this course helps beginners understand the introduction to intermediate accounting.  However, these classes can help students advance in their careers and improve their skills.  They cover many topics such as management, communications and accounting.  You can also learn personal finance, marketing and leadership.  However, in accounting you can learn important things that can help a person get an MBA degree.  Finally, the duration of the study is not constant. 


·         Financial Accounting Fundamentals (Havard Business School)

  Indeed, for those who want to learn the principles of accounting in this school, a serious online accounting course is designed.  But you know what?  You will be lucky to study at a world-famous online school.  In fact, mid-level professionals should take this course.  Next, you will learn how to generate cash flow / income and balance sheets.  However, business intelligence, economics for managers and financial accounting cost $ 2,250.


·         Finance and Accounting Courses & Training (LinkedIn Learning)

  This online intermediate accounting course is ideal for those who want to pursue a career in accounting.  Here you will learn how to make a business profitable with cash flow and how to manage personal finances.  You will also learn how to use programs such as QuickBooks, Quicken and Excel.  In fact, these online courses will help you improve your skills in personal finance, small business or professional accounting.


·         Accounting and bookkeeping course (Accounting Coach)

  This is the best online training for understanding intermediate accounting online.  This accounting course contains so many topics such as balance sheets and accounting.  It also has topics on debit and credit, working capital and liquidity. It will show you how you can include transactions in your company’s financial statements.  This is the best textbook for a deep understanding of accounting.

  After that, you will also take some tests to see how your skills improve.  However, you will receive accounting materials in PDF format so that you can study well.  So, after completing this program, you will receive your certificate.



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