Is Instacart Express Premium Membership Worth it?

Is Instacart express premium membership worth it?

If you use Instacart on a regular basis or can picture yourself using it on a weekly or bi-weekly basis signing up for an Instacart Express subscription may be in your best interests.

In this post, we’ll talk about is Instacart Express premium membership worth it?

Including what it is, how much it costs, and the benefits of joining up, so you can determine whether it’s worth it to sign up for Instacart’s paid subscription.

What Exactly Is Instacart Express?

Before we move forward is Instacart Express Premium Membership Worth it? let us know well on Instacart express.

Instacart Express is a premium subscription that provides users with additional features in exchange for a monthly or annual membership fee.

With Instacart Express, you may have as many deliveries as you like at a much lower price.

Consider Instacart Express to be the Amazon Prime of supermarket delivery services.

With only one annual cost, you can have as many deliveries as you like without breaking the bank.

For individuals who utilize the delivery service frequently, the premium membership is an ideal alternative.

The premium membership provides the same service as the basic membership, but you will have access to a few more convenient and cost-saving perks.

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Advantages of Instacart Express

As an Instacart Express member, you get unlimited free deliveries on orders over $35.

You don’t have to pay service and delivery fees on all purchases.

You can order from various locations at the same time without paying extra, and you never have to pay for busy pricing during peak periods.

We won’t lie: using the ordinary Instacart service rapidly adds up in terms of delivery and service fees.

When your order total is $35 or more.

You can skip the delivery fee and instead pay a single monthly or annual membership price with Instacart Express.

In addition, you will not be obliged to pay service fees on all orders.

Which are either a $2 minimum on minor sales or a 5% charge on bigger orders.

You can also purchase from various local retailers on the same delivery order as an Instacart Express member at no extra cost.

This implies that if you have a specific list of things that can only be purchased at specific retailers, you may place your order guilt-free and worry-free.

For example, suppose you have any specific things in bulk from Costco and also require your weekly groceries from a supermarket store such as Whole Foods.

In that case, you can place this order without incurring additional delivery charges.

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Is Instacart Express Worth the Money?

Because the annual membership comes with a $99 yearly cost.

It’s crucial to understand when you’ll get your money’s worth.

If you order from Instacart once each week, you should be able to break even after four months, if not sooner.

We made a fast estimate of what you would pay using each option to give you an accurate snapshot of the cost comparison between the normal membership and the Express membership paid both monthly and annually.

You don’t have to pay delivery or service fees with the Express membership.

So you can see how quickly those fees build up when utilizing the standard service.

Under this scenario, you will have spent more than the $99 yearly membership cost four months into utilizing the platform.

This can easily be much sooner if you order for more than $35, order during busy periods.

Request orders with a small delivery window, such as one-hour or two-hour delivery, or the default shipping fee are more than $3.99.

The bottom conclusion is that if you use Instacart frequently, you should seriously consider signing up for Express if you want to save money over the year.

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Express Saves Money

If you place orders more than once a week or every other week, Instacart Express is worth the additional cost.

The money you’ll spend on delivery and service costs will fast exceed the annual membership fee of $99.

If you reside in a city like New York or Chicago, where grocery shopping is a chore, we recommend hiring Instacart shoppers to bring your groceries right to your home.

You can at least try out the trial Express membership for free to determine if the service is perfect for business.

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