Best Free Nursing Assistant Classes Online In 2022

Best Free Nursing Assistant Classes Online In 2022

More and more programs are offering Nursing Assistant Classes Online, making it flexible and affordable to become a CNA and do meaningful work in an evolving field.  While other degrees offer a large number of online courses, online CNA classes tend to be a little harder to find due to the practical nature of the clinical section of CNA training.

  Keep in mind that only a proven CNA curriculum should include a practical component of clinical training in addition to the online classroom option.  Keep in mind that there is a lot of confusing information about online courses on the Internet, and some CNA online classes may not meet all the requirements needed to prepare students for their certification.  Be sure to be careful before enrolling in any CNA course to make sure it meets your state’s requirements for a Certified Nurse Assistant.

  Benefits of attending Nursing Assistant Classes Online

  By choosing an online nursing course, you gain access to a wide range of topics in many different formats.  This breadth of knowledge means that you can choose which areas to study and develop.  So, whether you are new to the field or an experienced professional, you can expand your understanding of nursing.  Learning online can suit your existing lifestyle, commitments and changes.

  You do not need to go to the place of study or buy textbooks; you can access all the materials online whenever you want, which will give you the freedom to continue your studies without affecting your schedule or lifestyle.

  Is Nursing Assistant a lucrative career?

  CNA work in hospitals is in high demand because they usually offer good benefits, higher pay and the opportunity to work with a wide range of medical staff.  You can also find opportunities to work in different departments, which will help expand your skill set.  However, you will not build long-term relationships with patients, as most of them are discharged in a few days.

  The need for certified caregivers is expected to increase in these settings, especially as baby boomers age and live longer.  One of the benefits of working in a nursing home or long-term care facility is getting to know your patients.  Many CNAs say this is one of the most enjoyable parts of the job.

  Requirements to become a Nursing Assistant

  To be certified as a Nurse Assistant, you must meet state requirements, which will include passing a state-approved CNA exam.  Each state has its own criteria, but we’ve provided an example from one state to give you an idea of ​​what to expect.  Although each state requires general CNA certification, you may also receive additional certification in specialized areas.  Additional credentials can help expand your interest and potentially help you get paid more.

  Education and experience that go beyond initial CNA certification are usually required to obtain a specialty or advanced training.  The organization responsible for each certificate shall determine these requirements.

CNA certification exam

  Upon successful completion of the CNA training, individuals will subsequently be required to pass the CNA certification exam.  This exam consists of two parts – written and practical.  The written exam will consist of a group and usually consists of several questions with several answers. Test participants have 90 minutes to respond.  The second part, the clinical skills test, is conducted one after the other together with one tester / observer.  Individuals will be tested on the basis of four randomly selected clinical skills to demonstrate their competence.  They will have 30 minutes to complete this section of the exam.

 Are there financial assistance for Nursing Assistant Classes Online?

  You may be eligible for federal financial aid if you attend an accredited vocational school or community college.  Accreditation means that your school meets educational standards.  You can check the school’s accreditation in a database maintained by the US Department of Education.  You will need to fill out a free application for federal student aid (FAFSA) to determine your eligibility for financial aid.  Your school’s financial aid office can help with the application process and answer questions.

  How long does it take to complete Nursing Assistant Classes Online?

  There are many academic, vocational and technical colleges and universities that offer CNA training courses.  Programs can be completed in one or two semesters, in a year or in 18 months.  CNA training programs may include lectures, demonstrations, testing, and workshops.  Some programs require students to have at least one internship, while others do not.

  Best Free Nursing Assistant Classes Online In 2022

·         Santa Ana College’s online certificate of Nursing Assistant program

  Santa Ana College offers an online nursing assistant certification program that can be completed in 10 weeks.  Students receive the necessary knowledge and training to perform their roles and responsibilities as certified nurse assistants.  Some of the skills they will learn include helping patients with daily life tasks, helping with medical equipment and checking vital signs of the patient.

 They also learn to provide social and emotional support to patients.  Their responsibility is to keep nurses informed by providing important information about the condition of patients.  All this is covered by the curriculum of the program.  Students who complete the program will be well prepared for employment as licensed certified nurse assistants.  They will also be eligible to take the Certified Assistant Nurse Exam.


·         College of Southern Maryland’s online certificate of Nursing Assistant program

  Another educational institution that offers a certificate of nursing assistant program at the College of Southern Maryland.  The program provides students with important skills and training to prepare them for a certified nursing career.  Students who succeed in completing this program must apply the comprehensive knowledge and skills acquired in the clinical setting.

 It will also allow them to meet the qualification requirements of the Maryland Board of Nursing to obtain Nursing Assistant certification.  For those who want to be a geriatric nurse’s assistant, the program also qualifies them for the geriatric assistant’s exam.  To be certified, students must complete two required courses, including the Basics of Nursing Assistant and Practice Nursing Assistant.  Currently, the program remains mostly online.


·         Shoreline Community College’s online certificate of Nursing Assistant program

  Shoreline Community College equips students with theory and practical training to help them become certified nursing assistants.  The Certified Nurse Assistant Certificate prepares students for the state Certified Nurse Assistant Exam.  The program consists of 18 credits, including the Laboratory of Nursing Assistant Theory and Skills (NAC), the clinical experience of a nursing assistant, and special topics in basic adult education.

 Students get acquainted with the theory of nursing.  They are also tasked with mastering NAC skills.  The program also teaches students to seek careers in health care.  Students can be confident in the quality of the program because the Washington State Nursing Commission recognizes it as a curriculum.


·         Massachusetts Bay Community College’s online certificate of Nursing Assistant program

  Massachusetts Bay Community College is training nurses to prepare them for the NACE Red Cross Nursing Competency Test and to provide them with the essential skills and knowledge for a career in entry-level health care.  The duration of the training program is about 120 lecture and laboratory hours or eight weeks.

 Students will learn the basics of verifying and monitoring vital signs and addressing a wide range of patient needs.  They are also expected to take on the roles and responsibilities of a nurse’s assistant, including nutrition, safety, personal hygiene, restorative care, the use of assistive devices, and more.  Online classes are small and provide an intimate environment that focuses on students’ learning needs.


·           Ridgewater College online certificate of Nursing Assistant program

  Ridgewater College is a leader in professional development.  College academics are respected, and many of their students who choose to transfer may receive most or all of their previous credits.  Although the Ridgewater Nursing Assistant program is not exclusive to Ridgewater, it is one of the most popular.  Students who complete this program will be eligible for a certificate of employment.

  Courses are offered in 5-week formats, allowing students to begin their studies when they are ready.  To complete the program, students must spend some time in laboratories.  This can be done at any of the Ridgewater campuses (Willmar or Hutchinson) and even at some local high schools throughout the year.


·         Wallace Public College online certificate of Nursing Assistant program

  Among Alabama’s largest public colleges, Wallace State Community College serves more than 7,000 students each semester, each earning a degree or certificate in preparation for a growing and demanding career.  One of the fastest programs in the country to become a certified assistant nurse, CNA training at Wallace Community College can be completed in just 25 days.  This program has a fixed fee that includes all textbooks and exams.  Scholarships are also available to help.

  Upon completion of the program, students will be prepared to take an exam from the Alabama Nurse Registry.  To pass the exam, students will need to undergo some personal training to gain the real-world experience needed to become a successful CNA.  The result of this program is intended to prepare students for a career in Alabama, but it is possible that students may be eligible to take similar exams in other states.


·         Elizabethtown Community and Technical College online certificate of Nursing Assistant program

  Students wishing to become assistant nurses can enroll in the Elizabethtown Community and College of Technology program to earn an Associate of Applied Science in Medical Technology.  Over 2 years, he will receive more than 60 credits in basic courses such as general psychology and medical terminology, as well as special certificate classes that include the skills of a nursing assistant and a Medicaid nursing assistant.  The on-campus and online curriculum must be completed with a minimum of 2.0 GPA.

  There are a number of academic support tools to help you.  Career Services connects students to a network and career opportunities, while Student Support offers math, writing, and science tutoring courses.  In addition, a variety of scholarships and state-funded scholarships are available to reduce tuition costs.



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