How to prepare for the nursing entrance exams is the same, whether you take them in person, online or by mail.  If you find it helpful to spend extra time learning everything you need to know, then do it.  Even if you are nervous before taking the exam, you need to be prepared in case you have to take it.  That way, you won’t feel like you’re not ready, and you’ll probably be surprised at how much you’ve learned on the first try.

Are nursing entrance exams mandatory for every aspiring nurse?

Nursing Entrance Exams are mandatory for every novice nurse who wants to continue her career in a reputable institution.  For those who already have a diploma or a diploma of a specialist specialist, it is very easy to pass these exams.  On the other hand, nurses who do not have a degree at all will face difficulties in passing the entrance exam to the school of nurses.

How do nursing entrance exams work?

  Exams at the nursing school are a challenge for almost everyone.  They will test not only your knowledge of the course material, but also your ability to apply this information to the patient.  Developing a clear curriculum and knowing what to expect on the day of testing can help you pass these challenging exams.  Keep reading a few tips to help you get started.

What does it take to enter nursing school?

  Along with good grades, many nursing schools, whether in the traditional classroom format or online format, require an entrance exam to confirm that you have the ability to successfully complete the program.  There are many different types of tests you can take, and what you need depends on your program and your level of degree.  You may need to take an exam exclusively for nurses, a general exam such as SAT, or maybe even one of both.  If you are interested in joining the Nursing Program, read on to learn more about frequently used entrance exams and what to expect.

What is the university requirement for nursing entrance exams?

  Most colleges and universities require a passing average of at least two years in the nursing program before you can take the exam.  For students, this means attending college for at least three years and receiving all credits until the end of the second year.  If you want to pass these nurses’ exams, you also need to have a decent academic record.  Good grades are needed for many scholarships and teaching positions in health care.

  Some students work with tutors and teachers in their spare time to improve their results.  You should always try to cope well with the tests and other requirements of your school to get to the school of your choice.

How to Pass Nursing Entrance Exams

·         Focus on the material covered in the lesson

  Your teachers will assign many sections to read each week, as well as third-party resources to review.  Instead of reading and outlining each word carefully, take an example from the lesson.  What topics does the teacher spend time on?  What are the key points of the lesson?  Focus on these areas.

·         Follow the nursing exam guide

  One of the best ways to focus your training on nursing is to base your training on the NCLEX test.  A review of the textbook not only shows which subject areas the nurse’s exam focuses on, but also how the test asks questions.  Of course, not everything you need to know as a nurse is included in the licensing exam, but if you are constantly studying for the nursing exam, you will feel more confident on the day of testing.

·         Use all provided resources

  Nurse teachers and instructors work hard to provide their students with many additional resources to help them learn.  If you have not already done so, it is important to review all additional material along with course textbooks to confirm your understanding of the content.  The worst thing that can happen is that you can just learn something new!

·         Learn to use a practice test

  Another way to learn how to prepare for nursing school exams is to learn to use practice tests.  In fact, it is universally recommended to get an NCLEX book because it contains the same question on your nursing exams.  If you are preparing for the nursing exam with the help of practical exams, be sure to first solve the questions you know and keep track of the questions that were difficult for you.

·         Read, write and do

  When it comes to finals, you need to be well prepared to succeed.  In fact, it is almost impossible to prepare.  One way to get good grades is to read, write and view your content, which you can get in extracurricular activities.  Some practical tips: read your texts and additional material, write down key points and concepts and practice remembering information.  Whether you decide to use cards or a notebook to write down information and then try to remember, this is a great way to help the content really get deeper.

·         Pay attention to each question

  When you are nervous, you can quickly look at the question and go to the first answer that appeals to you.  Instead of using this approach, use your knowledge of different types of questions to understand what the question is actually asking you and what your answer might be.  Then look at the answers to see if there is your answer.  If you have a tendency to go straight to the answers, hide them so as not to seduce yourself.

·         Look for hints of words and remove incorrect answers

  When taking tests for nurses who have multiple-choice questions, it may also be helpful to pay close attention to the basis of the question, as it should provide you with all the information you need to answer correctly.

  The basis can be in the form of a complete or incomplete sentence, or in the form of a positive or negative statement.  It may also contain certain keywords that will give you an idea of ​​what is actually being asked.  Find words like during, after, first and most.  When presenting the patient’s scenario and / or specific problem, pay attention to factors such as the patient’s age and gender.  Keep these details in mind as you choose the answer.


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