Free Online Business Management Courses with Certificate 2022

Free Online Business Management Courses with Certificate 2022

  Dozens of online business management courses are available for small business owners to suit different curricula, budgets and schedules.  You can sign up for some of the best online courses for free, they will teach you invaluable skills and techniques that can be used in your business and guarantee results.

Online Business Management Courses

  Over the last few years, business and management courses have become increasingly digital.  Now you can take the whole course online, fit it into your schedule and decide to study in the way that suits you best.  Below we have compiled the best free business courses on the Internet.  They cover the basic business skills you need to advance in today’s fast-changing workplace, from digital marketing and coding to sales, conflict management and more.  Keep reading to become an expert on any topic that you think will best help you succeed.

Benefits of attending business management courses online

  Once you earn a degree in business administration, you will have a wide range of career opportunities.  You can run a business in large corporations, startups or retailers.  Others become accountants, financial advisers, marketers, HR managers, non-profit managers or become entrepreneurs and start their own businesses.  The university also offers some potential business administration certification programs that may be particularly useful.

  What is the average cost of online business management courses?

  After passing several classes on a special certificate or diploma program, students can receive recognized professional certificates.  Such programs start at $4,000 to $5,000.  The average cost of online business management courses is $6,000 to $6,500 (tuition and fees for 2 academic years; excluding accommodation and meals, books and supplies, and other expenses).  In the same report, the average cost of undergraduate programs is approximately $35,000 to $115,000 (extrapolated tuition and fees for 4 academic years).

    Free Online Business Management Courses with Certificate 2022

·         University of Turku, Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business

  The University of Turku, located in Finland, offers an international online business program that is ideal for those who dream of doing business around the world.  Their Bachelor of Business Administration program focuses particularly on how to become knowledgeable and competent in the international business environment.


·         Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Business Foundations Specialization

  The University of Pennsylvania, which runs Coursera, offers a Business Fundamentals specialization consisting of 5 courses and a core project that will allow students to develop basic literacy in the language of business.  At the end, you will receive a certificate that you can show to future employers, confirming that you have received a business education at the University of the Ivy League.


·         Open University, Entrepreneurial Behaviour

  Open University, a British non-profit organization that offers many free online courses, also offers a variety of courses aimed at business owners and entrepreneurs.  Entrepreneurial behavior consists of four blocks and covers items such as the economic function of the entrepreneur, entrepreneurial qualities and entrepreneurial style of work.  Students who take the free course will gain a better understanding of how to turn an innovative idea into an entrepreneurial product.


·         University of Washington, Transaction processing for e-commerce

  Part of the University of Washington’s computer science and engineering program, Transaction Processing for E-Commerce, is available for free online through a series of lecture slides and video archives.  It even contains four tasks to improve students’ understanding.  The course offers students a deeper understanding of the engineering aspects of transaction processing, including how to implement and extend a transactional system in Java or C ++. 

Although there are no special prerequisites for taking the advanced level course, students must have a general understanding of web programming and a basic knowledge of SQL.


·         Open University, Innovation, markets and industrial change

  Innovation, markets, and industrial change are also offered at the Open University to help students explore the role of innovation in industry development and see how production costs may change as sales increase or new technologies are introduced.  Students who complete the six blocks of the course will also understand the relationship between consumer demand for a product and its price, and how the cost of production and production can affect the structure of the industry, especially for online businesses.


·         Alison Supply and chain management

  Supply chain management is an important topic for any small business owner who plans to scale, as it allows them to understand the flow of goods and optimize supplier and delivery operations.  If your business model is growing to the point where supply chain management is relevant, this series of free Alison courses is for you.  There is an introductory course that introduces supply chain management, as well as a course on risk management and assessment, and the evolution of modern supply chain management.


·         edX Corporate finance

  Corporate finance may seem like a great choice for small business owners, but it can help you in several ways.  All of these free courses offered through edX have been tested and will help you understand corporate fund management, negotiation, corporate decision making and financial management.  If you have a business idea that you want to present, these courses can help you understand how corporations view investing.


·         Ahrefs Digital marketing

  If you run a business with any online presence, you need to have at least a basic understanding of digital marketing.  (If you don’t have an online presence, you need one.)  Digital marketing includes everything from search engine optimization (SEO) to social media marketing.  Because digital marketing covers such a wide range of topics, referring to one course seemed unfair.  Instead, refer to this list from ahrefs, a major player in digital marketing and content optimization.


·         Small Business Administration SBA

  Whether you run a team of one or 50, small business administration is an important skill to have as a business owner.  The U.S. Small Business Administration, or SBA, offers a wide variety of management courses that talk about administration, operations management, and similar skills worth having.  These business classes are free and short, making them ideal for those rare breaks you get as a business owner.



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