Best Free Online CAT Coaching Resources in 2022

Best Free Online CAT Coaching Resources in 2022

Online CAT coaching resources can be an option for candidates who find it difficult to attend classroom coaching, such as final year students or working professionals.  Also, in this pandemic situation, online preparation is one of the best options for preparing for the CAT exam.

  If you are new to CAT and are looking for a full online CAT training, this is a page you should fully explore.  In addition to the paid online CAT courses, we have developed a large amount of free content that you can access by clicking the tab below.

  But before you start learning free and paid online courses, we encourage you to read our CAT preparation blogs in the next section.  The blog will help you understand the dynamics of CAT online coaching, thus helping you to make the most of the free training materials provided.

  What is CAT Exam?

  The CAT or Common Admission Test is one of the most challenging management entrance exams in the country.  The exam is conducted annually by IIM, which is the autonomous education governing body in India.  A high CAT score greatly increases your chances of getting a call from any of the 20 IIM countries, which can ensure a smooth start to a glorious corporate career with lucrative salary packages and bright leadership positions, respectively.

  How does CAT Exams work?

  The CAT exam has an extensive program divided into sections.  More than the level of difficulty of the exam, the large number of students who take it each year, makes this exam one of the most difficult to break.  In 2018, 2.41 thousand registrations with more than 10,000 participants were recorded for the CAT exam.  If you are looking for additional guidance to further optimize your CAT preparation, you can also sign up for CAT Coaching.

  Like other CAT exams, IIM-CAT 2019 will be the MBA Entrance Exam to provide admission to more than 5,500 places at the Indian Institute of Management (IIMs) and other prominent MBA colleges.  It is noteworthy that CAT is now a computer exam.

What is the best method to prepare for CAT exams?

  Not only the candidates, but also the leading coaching centers have also switched to online preparation for CAT 2022 to avoid the widespread deadly effects of the highly contagious coronavirus.  In addition, due to Covid quarantine in the country, the only option is online training.  Thus, training on the Internet is not only more flexible, cheaper, but also a good option in this period of social distancing.

  If you choose online CAT coaching resources, you will find many useful resources available online.  These include online tools and some paid / free sites that offer video training modules, discussion forums, practice tests and more.  These sites are a great option for busy professionals who do not have time to attend classes in leading coaching centers.  You can learn at your own pace and find answers to all your questions in a like-minded community of teachers, students and experts.

  Best Free Online CAT Coaching Resources in 2023

·          MindWorkzz

This is a good option for those really dedicated professionals and students who would attend lectures at home.  One of the key benefits of this type of online coaching is the convenience of attending lectures at home.  So, if you spend 30 or 45 minutes on the road for a 2-hour lecture, online coaching will help you save as much time as you can probably use to study.


·          CareerAnna

  CareerAnna, India’s largest training platform, offers high-quality CAT training courses.  It offers online CAT training and section-by-section courses, such as VARC, Quant and LRDI, as well as GD-PI MBA courses.  The best feature of their course is that they offer round-the-clock personal mentoring and questioning sessions, as well as holding your hand until you get through the fire, ie go through the GD-PI rounds and get to the school of your dreams.


·          Handa ka Funda

  Under the direction of IIT graduate Ravi Handa, whose initiative Handa ka Funda, in his own name, provides online training for the CAT exam using video and online tools.  Since 2014, Ravi has been teaching quantitative skills, logical thinking and interpreting data to thousands of students and claims to have more than 750 videos and additional materials, including last year’s questionnaires, a Vedic math module and weekly videos to resolve doubts.


·          TCYOnline

  In addition to many free prep tests and training materials, TCYOnline also offers some premium courses.  TCYOnline offers three online courses for CAT – Basic, Advantage and Premium at Rs 975, Rs 1450 and Rs 1950 respectively.  The basic course contains more than 250 main and sectional tests, as well as complete mock tests;  The Advantage course also includes voice lectures and downloadable notes.  The premium online course includes everything included in Basic and Advantage, as well as tests for other tests.  TCY Analytics allows you to compare your score with other test participants and find out exactly where you are.


·          Career Launcher

  Career Launcher is extremely popular due to its classroom training and also has some benefits online.  It does not host webinars like MindWorkzz, but offers an on-demand online MBA package that allows you to study at your own pace with 100 hours of recorded audio sessions and includes everything from practical questions and puzzles to previous entrance exams.  It also has a test series package that allows you to take tests online, compare your performance and prepare for any possible scenario.  Both the on-demand MBA and the test series package cost 2549 rupees each.


·          HitBullsEye

  HitBullsEye calls itself the fastest growing MBA test preparation platform across India and has released a large number of CAT toppers to date.  It offers live lectures, video lectures, e-books, the availability of a peer interaction forum, comprehensive CAT series and sectional tests, as well as mock tests.  However, the students reported that their teaching material was really poor and that their series of tests were not really competitive and on a par with their peers.


·          Online.2iim

  Another online coaching platform to prepare for CAT is to guide students seeking graduate management introductory courses in addition to offering online mock series and classroom instruction.  The main feature of 2IIM is that their courses are provided in a modular format, and therefore students study the concepts in a predefined format established by their teachers.  It is noteworthy that the course is available in both web and mobile versions.  However, it is reported that the mobile application had several glitches.


·          Cracku

  This online portal allows you to prepare for the CAT exam along with other entrance exams such as SBI, RRNB, IBPS, SSC among others.  It offers a series of online tests, online classes and daily tests.  It also provides free mock tests, free CAT videos and free themed tests, as well as past CAT exam papers.  The full course of Cracku CAT costs Rs.  12,599, which is at the top, and many may think that you should not subscribe to their premium content.  In addition, students reported that their Mocks are misleading and tougher than the Mocks offered by other coaching institutes.


·          Testfunda

  This is another portal that provides a complete package for preparing for the MBA, along with questions from previous years and other relevant training material.  It also provides free tests, and you can prepare your personalized study package for any exam of your choice, such as CAT, IIFT, XAT, SNAP, MHCET and others.  All test packages or your personalized CAT training package will cost you Rs.  6,300, except for the top-up package, which you can use for one thousand.  However, one of the disadvantages of Testfunda is that it does not provide video sessions.



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