Best online German courses for beginners in 2022

Best online German courses for beginners in 2022

Considering how people learn best, whether through listening, repetition or memorization, we have come up with the best online German courses for beginners.  Although the best way to learn German would probably be to live in a German-speaking country, not everyone can give up and move to Berlin or Vienna; often the most affordable way to get started is online.  But it can be difficult to find a course online to start or continue learning German.

  When it comes to finding a course that suits your needs, German students today have more opportunities than ever before.  Everything from traditional classroom courses to multimedia programs can help you learn to speak, read, and write in that language.  With so many options, finding the right course for you can be a daunting task.  That’s why we’ve put together this list of online German courses.

What is the easiest way to learn to speak German?

  Online German courses make learning German easier to do without having to spend a lot of money.  As everything becomes digital today, you have an amazing opportunity to learn a new language on your own and at your own pace.  Unlike live lectures, where students have to catch everything a teacher says the first time, online learning allows and even encourages students to view materials.  Because students learn through audio and video, as well as reading, they may go back or reread passages they did not fully understand.

  It is invaluable for language students.  A foreign language sounds different.  Intonations are different.  Foreign languages ​​often require students to learn new alphabets in order to become acquainted with letters that are not present in their native language.  The ability to listen again and again allows students to learn to pronounce new words.  Being able to reread passages allows students to see how the structure of their new language differs from their native language.

Is it hard to learn German Classes for Beginners?

  Learning German is easy, especially if you have a native English speaker, as German and English come from the same language families and have more similarities than you might think.  About 40% of the German vocabulary is similar to English, which is good news for English speakers!

  Pronunciation is also simpler than you think, and grammar is easy to understand thanks to easily recognizable patterns.  Along with some tips and tricks, you will be able to learn German in the shortest possible time.

  How long does it take to learn German for beginners?

   German will take about 30 weeks (750 hours) for people who speak English. This may seem like a long time, but it is a small fraction compared to languages ​​such as Chinese, Japanese and Arabic, which took students up to 88 weeks to learn.  Learning any new skill requires two main things: running and repetition.  Both require time and dedication for a long period.

Why learn German online?

  Flexibility – for many online educators, this is considered to be the number one reason for online learning.  Traditional German classes, whether public or at a local university, are usually held during the working day.  Most people cannot afford to quit their jobs to take German lessons in the middle of the working day.  Even with a long lunch, travel time and unexpected work times can be disruptive.

Is it cheaper to learn German online?

  Yes, there are many reasons why online German lessons are cheaper.  First, many do not require students to pay additional fees.  Students attending classes on campus pay for the use of classrooms, campus sports center and other common areas.  Some of these students even pay for student housing if they are full-time students.  Online students do not face these costs.

  In addition, some of the costs associated with taking the course are not directly related to the course itself.  Rather, students have to pay for gas and / or other transportation costs when they attend classes on campus.  With online classes, students only need to “travel” from the bedroom to the home office.

Best online German courses for beginners in 2022

1.      Goethe-Institut

  There are courses available for advanced learners, but German courses from A1 to B2 are something you should look for if you have not yet reached this advanced level.  The Goethe-Instutut commission of 675 euros may seem like a huge price at first, but you will get a lot of money for your money.

  One feature of their courses makes all this money worth it: personal tutors.  In addition to being able to choose the brains of your personal tutor, there is access to many interactive exercises that you can use whenever you want.  Just remember that you will have to schedule individual lessons with your teacher, so if you have a busy schedule and you can’t devote the required hours, you may be better off choosing another online German course. 


2.      ActiLingua Academy

  ActiLingua Academy runs several language schools and courses in Vienna, Austria.  On their website you can take free online German courses.  There are ten lessons for beginners, supplemented by 24 grammar lessons for advanced. 

In addition, you get a lot of interactive language exercises, spelling information and language tests to assess your current level.  The friends’ correspondence section, study tips, podcasts, German quotes and jokes, and the German job application section complement what the website has to offer.


3.      Deutsche Welle

  Deutsche Welle, or DW for short, is a German international broadcaster and media company with multimedia content in 30 languages ​​and arguably one of the best online resources for learning German.  This includes very comprehensive material for learning German to level C. Searching for a course and a permit test will help you get started and use e-learning materials with worksheets, videos, audio clips and podcasts at your own pace and with your desired device.

  Interactive lessons complement your self-study, and there is also a vocabulary simulator.  DW German courses are available in many languages, including Turkish, Russian, Spanish, Chinese or Arabic.


4.      DeutschAkadamie

  Go to the fantastic website if you want to try one of their free online German courses.  The site is full of exciting resources – there are about 20,000 grammar and vocabulary exercises in German, covering all levels of language learners.  Topics include German sentence structure, case systems, particles, and more.  There are also interactive lessons specifically for complex dative and accusative cases.  Even if you end up deciding to take a variety of online German lessons, it would be a good idea to return to this website from time to time to update one of their many exercises.


5.      FluentU

  FluentU wants to teach you languages ​​not by traditional means, but by rich and multimedia immersion in the language.  To learn German, you have a range of real-life materials, including music videos, movie trailers, news and interactive stories, to personalize your learning experience.

  The idea is that you learn German the way it is spoken in real life, outside of textbooks, through immersion, structure and support to build grammar and vocabulary.  You can filter content by your level, theme, or format.  FluentU offers a free trial, but the service itself is not free.


6.      Duolingo

  Duolingo remains one of the most popular ways to learn new languages ​​online, as the platform is still free thanks to advertising.  You will have to watch a short commercial or video after each lesson if you do not choose the premium Duolingo Plus mode with additional features.  Duolingo will support you with its approach to gamification: rewards, unlocking levels and the opportunity to compare yourself with others will provide you with motivation by pursuing these series and virtual coins. 

Lessons are tailored to your learning style, and you can also do conversational exercises or learn German with Duolingo stories.  Immediate assessment helps to visualize and correct your mistakes, and there is a dictionary mode.  Small lessons are ideal if you only have a little time each day.


7.      Deutsch-Uni Online offers online German language courses for both beginners and advanced students.  Moreover, they offer a fantastic business German course.  So if you are preparing to move to Germany in the near future, this is a website for all your German business needs.  It is not necessary to appoint a personal tutor, but in my opinion, asking for your own tutor would be a very sensible step. 

Nothing compares to individual guidance when you learn German online!  Another plus of this course is that it connects with other language learners, so you can cover your grievances in German together!  And you can get it all, starting at a very modest 150 euros.


8.      Babbel

  Babbel is similar to Duolingo, although a little more refined.  It’s worth it because it’s only available as a subscription model.  You will receive one German lesson for free as a teaser.  The courses are designed for beginners and intermediate students who want to teach you to speak as fast as possible.

  Babbel will guide you through grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and in-depth courses.  Other exercises include refreshments, listening and speaking, business German, reading and writing, or German customs and traditions.



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