People seeking psychological counselling can be educated to pursue their dreams from anywhere with Internet access.  By taking your own free online parapsychology courses, you have the chance to get a job wherever you want.  In today’s job market, people prefer to work with accredited people to prove their professional skills needed for a particular industry.

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  How do online parapsychology courses work?

  Like regular curricula, online programs may require students to do an internship before graduation.  Thus, most online psychology counseling programs are in fact mixed programs that include both personal and distance work.  Many states require student counselors to obtain a master’s degree and a standardized license before working in the field.

  Counselors provide valuable help to those who need emotional help when they have problems they need to learn to deal with in their daily lives.  Stress is sometimes caused by relationship problems, career problems, personal problems or unexpected health complaints.  Sometimes people choose to talk to a counselor to give them direction, support, and guidance.

What does online parapsychology courses teach?

  By specializing in counseling, you will acquire a very specific set of skills.  You will learn to communicate effectively, allowing you to build and maintain relationships, solve problems, and find direction for clients through unbiased guidance and support.  By learning the basic methods of counseling, you will be able to apply them in real-life scenarios and will have all the necessary skills to get a very useful job as a specialist, consultant or reception consultant.

Best Online Parapsychology Courses in USA

·         Counselling Programs and Certifications (Coursera)

  Coursera has compiled a list of more than 25 courses that will offer you the knowledge to start a career as a consultant in various aspects of health and disorders.  Classes are divided into categories depending on the level of difficulty, namely for beginners, intermediate and advanced.  Some of the best options include an introduction to psychology, morality, autism spectrum disorder, philosophy and science, schizophrenia, major depression in the population, learning about human behavioral genetics, and how music can change your life.


·         Psychology and Counseling (Oxford University)

  This renowned institute presents a number of theories, skills and techniques that will allow you to understand the human mind and its functions.  At the same time, you will appreciate our thinking process both collectively and individually.  In addition, the platform also offers you options for advancing postgraduate studies.  Choose from introductions to existential therapy, basics of organizational behavior, workplace psychology, philosophy and psychiatry, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and more.


·         Counseling and Psychology Courses (Online Learning College)

  On this website, you can delve into this topic to learn counseling techniques as well as understand the deep psychological workings of the brain.  These programs are great for those who want to gain a new qualification to become a counselor, or those who are looking for new skills in the complex science of psychology.  Explore different levels of options in different subcategories, such as mental health, counseling skills, child psychology, criminal psychology, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and more. 


·         Counselling Skills Certificate Course (Udemy) 

  This counseling skills certification course is a bestseller at Udemy, with more than 22,000 people currently registered.  Anyone who wants to better understand themselves or want to become a counselor to help others who need it can start this initial training.  With 45 hours of on-demand training material and over 250 resources for downloads and external links, you will consume the skills needed to develop the skills to become a good mentor.  This course can be used not only to help you become a professional counselor, but also to develop your self-awareness and improve your relationships. 


·         Fully Accredited Professional Counseling Diploma Course (Udemy)

  This accredited course at Udemy offers Diploma Certification to anyone who wants to sign up for hands-on counseling.  It is a short and clear but comprehensive curriculum that will help students learn the important skills needed to help others as a counselor.  You will learn to develop your listening skills and better understand people and their problems in order to intervene with plausible solutions.  The course will also allow you to solve assessment tests for your clients to track their progress and improve their lives.


·         Counselling Children & Adolescents – Accredited Certificate (Udemy) 

  Understanding children and adolescents is a challenge in itself, and counseling is different from that for adults.  This accredited Udemy certification course will allow you to practice counseling for children and adolescents.  This training covers therapeutic conditions that you can create as a counselor for children and adolescents.  You will gain the skills to use the right language and methods of conversation with this age group to solve their psychological problems.  Once you complete this course, you can set up online or offline as a consultant to earn a living.


·         Introduction to Psychology by University of Toronto (Coursera)

  The University of Toronto offers this comprehensive introductory psychology course at Coursera.  At 4.9, anyone can sign up for this free course to understand human nature, thoughts, feelings and their impact on behavior.  With a 23-hour course, the courses will take you through various modules covering history, scientific methods, brain structure and processes, social psychology, mental illness and treatment, and more.  There are many external links and bonus materials that you can refer to outside of this course for a better understanding. 


·         Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Practitioner Certificate (Udemy)

  More than 131,000 students have completed this online certification training in cognitive-behavioral therapy and seen new and better career horizons.  Rated 4.6, it is the most popular international bestseller course by Kain Ramsay and Achology, the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology.  You will gain skills to help people deal with destructive chains of thinking and provide alternative growth options.  In addition to helping others, you will also be able to help yourself by becoming more aware!  Visit the website to learn more about the course syllabus.  You can read our view on free child psychology courses.


·         Hopkins University Psychological First Aid (Coursera)

  The Hopkins University Psychological First Aid Program at Coursera is the most popular course in the psychology segment.  Training focuses on dealing with psychological emergencies using the RAPID model – reflective listening, needs assessment, prioritization, intervention and disposition.  Each module of the course will guide students through a detailed understanding of this technique to ensure intervention at the right time.  You will also learn to distinguish critical cases from less severe ones to help with further mental support.  Understand for six hours the understanding of how to deal with mental crises confidently!


·         Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health by University of Sydney (Coursera)

  Positive psychology goes beyond the mental healing of people.  This emphasizes the absorption of a positive outlook on everything in life.  This online program from the University of Sydney will help students develop techniques to improve positive mood and promote a healthy mental state in their clients.  One of the features of this course is that you will also listen to people who have experienced mental health problems themselves, in addition to experts in the field.  By studying their experience, you will be able to develop better methods of intervention and further changes in behavior. 



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