With so many options available online, choosing the best online real estate courses with certificates to help you achieve your career goals can be difficult. 

It can be difficult to determine which courses are worth the cost and time, not to mention if they help you prepare for the state exam, primarily on the basis of websites.

 That’s why we’ve ruled out the possibility of finding the best online resources to help you pass the real estate exam.  We have reviewed the best online real estate schools based on course content, passing scores and study materials to offer you the best courses available online.

  Although formal coursework and exams are required to become a professional real estate agent, there is no reason to stop there.  Continuing your education in the field is a key component of your success.  In this article, we’ll talk about some of the options you can use if you want to be more than just good.

How do Online Real Estate Courses work?

  Online real estate schools offer a variety of courses for current and potential real estate agents and brokers in different states.  These schools offer convenient classes that can be conducted without leaving home or in some cases on a mobile device.  Real estate schools typically offer pre-licensing, post-licensing and refresher courses.

  The best online real estate schools offer courses in a variety of teaching formats and styles with qualified and knowledgeable teachers.  You can access the course work at any time, and the site is easy to use.  In addition, the online real estate school will provide additional industry resources, information on obtaining and renewing a real estate license, and answer common questions.

How much do a real estate broker and agent make?

  Real estate brokers earn an average of about $ 60,370 a year, but if you choose to be a real estate agent rather than a broker, you will find that your salary will drop to an average of only $ 49,040.1.

What does it take to become a licensed real estate agent or broker?

In order to become a licensed agent or broker, you must first complete a minimum number of training hours in a so-called pre-licensing class.  Hours may vary by state, but expect to spend up to 170 hours online.  Classes will teach you various topics, such as real estate principles and legal practices in addition to practical knowledge.

  After you have completed the required class hours, you must pass a state exam.  In some states, less than 50% of people go through it for the first time.  One of the services offered by many online real estate schools is a preparation course for testing in addition to the regulatory requirements for pre-licensing to help students learn the learning tools to take the test for the first time.

  Free Online Real Estate Courses with Certificates in 2024

·         Free Commercial Real Estate Investing Course for Beginners

  This is one of the free online real estate courses for beginners and one of the best online programs for obtaining real estate certificates.  Peter Harris offers the Udemy course.  This course was created for beginners who want to invest in commercial real estate or already own a property or two.  Peter Harris, Director of Education at Commercial Property Advisors, shares the wisdom that will save you years of hard work.  This is one of the free online real estate courses with certificates, which offers real estate development training.


·         Introduction to Negotiation: A Strategic Playbook for Becoming a Principled and Persuasive Negotiator

  Negotiation is one of the key skills that real estate professionals need to succeed in business.  But not everyone is born with this ability.  Many need practice to be an experienced negotiator, and this is where this course shines.  This is a comprehensive offer that takes about 32 hours.

It is taught by Barry Nalebaff, Coursera’s best teacher and professor at the Yale School of Management.  If studying at Ivy League University has never been important to you, buckle up, because it is now.  Best of all, although you won’t get a certificate with the free version of this online real estate class, you can check it for free and have access to the same great content you’ll get in class.


·         The Modern Real Estate Agent

  This is one of the free online real estate courses for beginners and one of the best online programs for obtaining real estate certificates.  Eric Flores offers a course with Udemy.  Gain the most effective skills to dominate your real estate market and become the best agent you can be.

 This course will help you go from a novice real estate agent to a professional, confident and highly qualified realtor.  Along with the course, some bonus materials have been included to help you on your journey.  This is one of the free online real estate courses with certificates, which offers training in real estate development.


·         Pathways to Property: Begin Your Real Estate Career

  This is one of the free online courses in commercial real estate, which offers a program of real estate development certificates.  This course is offered by the University of Reading, Henley Business School and the Reading Real Estate Foundation.

 Do you have the interest and creativity to pursue a career in real estate?  Whether you want to become the next sustainable superstar, real estate expert or project manager, this course will introduce you to the real estate industry and a wide range of career opportunities.  Enter the fast-paced world of international real estate and hear from industry experts how the London International Quarter Olympic Park was designed.


·         Construction Finance by Columbia University via Coursera

  For real estate professionals involved in construction and development, this construction financing course offered at Coursera will be invaluable.  It is taught by a professor at Columbia University School of Engineering and consists of 17 hours of focused study of the economics and mathematics of money associated with each construction product.  If you are looking for one of the best free online real estate courses, this one are worth a look.


·         AI, InsurTech, and Real Estate Technology Applications

  This is one of the free online real estate courses for beginners and one of the best online real estate certification programs.  The University of Pennsylvania offers a course.  This course will teach you about the new artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies used in InsurTech and Real Estate Tech.

 This course was designed by Wharton School Professor Chris Getty to help you navigate the complex world of insurance and real estate technology and understand how financial technology will play a role in the future.  You will learn how InsurTech changes the definition of the insurance industry by studying and analyzing artificial intelligence and machine learning.


·         Sustainable Cities by SDG Academy via edX

  If for you, as a real estate professional, stability is an important issue, this edX course will be interesting.  It is sponsored by the SDG Academy, a leader in education for sustainable development, and has been attended by more than 16,000 students.  The free online course teaches how government and those working in the private sector (real estate development, telecommunications, energy, transport, and technology) can contribute to urban areas and change their definitions.

  This is an interesting offer that takes nine weeks if you work four or six hours a week.  However, you can take it in time, so you can finish it earlier or stretch it longer.  In audit mode, you can get it for free, but if you want to get a confirmed certificate of completion, a fee of $49 is charged.



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