Yale University’s free online courses consists of all academic disciplines and specialties, such as biomedical engineering, physics, engineering, economics, sociology, mathematics, history, English, music and many other fields.  No registration or course fee is required.  It’s completely free.

  About Yale University

  Yale University is a private institution founded in 1701.  The total number of undergraduate students is 4,703 (fall 2020), its location is the city, and the campus area is 373 acres.  It uses a semester-based study calendar.  Yale University’s ranking of the best colleges in 2022 is National Universities, № 5. Its tuition and fees are $ 59,950.

Yale University admission acceptance rate

  Enrollment at Yale University is the most selective with an admission rate of 7%.  Half of the Yale University entrants have a SAT score of 1460 to 1580 or an ACT score of 33 to 35. However, one quarter of the entrants scored above these ranges and one quarter below these ranges.  The application deadline is January 2, and the Yale University application fee is $80.

  Yale University’s free online courses include lectures and other materials from selected Yale College courses, which are made available to the public free of charge online.  The courses cover the full range of humanities, humanities, physical, biological and social sciences, well designed for each type of student.

Are Yale University online courses free?

  You can attend Yale University courses online without paying a dime, including Welfare Science, an adaptation of the school’s most popular course.  Barriers that are commonly associated with Ivy Leagues (exclusivity, cost, location) do not affect mass open online courses (MOOCs).

  Below you will find some free courses from Yale University from Coursera as well as your own Open Yale Courses platform.  You can pay for upgrades for graded homework and certificates with Courser, but Open Yale Courses only gives you access to free lectures and readings.

How does Yale Free Online Courses work?

  Open Yale Courses provides free and open access to a number of introductory courses taught by prominent Yale University professors and scholars.  The aim of the project is to expand access to educational materials for all comers.  All lectures were recorded in a Yale College classroom and are available in video, audio, and text transcripts.  No registration required, you cannot obtain a credit, degree, or certificate from the Open Yale Courses website.

Yale Free Online Courses in 2022

·         Socratic Citizenship: Plato’s Apology

  This course is intended as an introduction to political philosophy, considered in the light of some of the major texts and thinkers of the Western political tradition.  There are three broad themes that are central to understanding political life: the polis experience (Plato, Aristotle), the sovereign state (Machiavelli, Hobbes), constitutional government (Locke) and democracy (Rousseau, Tocqueville).  The course explores the way in which different political philosophies have expressed different forms of political institutions and our way of life.


  • Financial markets (Coursera)

  Financial management in any organization is a rather large responsibility that requires consideration of many different parameters.  This program will help you hone your leadership skills and practices needed in the financial world.  In addition, you will consider how to analyze future prospects, manage risks and explore the principles of behavioral finance.  After completing the class, you will be able to understand how the securities, banking and insurance industries work.


·         Introduction to Psychology (Coursera)

  This program aims to provide you with answers to many questions we have, but we have no answers.  In the lessons you will learn about the science of thinking and behavior, as well as topics such as communication, social behavior, perception, decision making and more.  Once you understand the basics, you can move on to understanding how these aspects are embedded in our brains and how they evolve as we grow.  You can also browse our selection of the best psychology courses.


·         Introduction to negotiations (Coursera)

  The fact is that negotiation is a daily part of our lives, and this comprehensive course will tell you how to improve this necessary skill.  During the lesson you will work on developing a structure that will be useful for analysis and negotiation.  Learn to read between the lines of conflict and understand the real reasons.  Once you have done this, you will be ready to make convincing arguments in principle.  At the end of the journey, you will confidently anticipate and interpret the behavior of your competitors and shape situations.  Check out our selection of the Best Negotiation Courses.


·         Arguments of the existence of the soul, part I

  This lecture presents a number of arguments that can be offered to prove the existence of the soul.  The first argument is known as “conclusions for the best explanation.”  Several segments of the course run in parallel with Professor Death’s book of the same name, which explores the various issues that arise after we acknowledge the fact that we will die.  Course materials are available here.


·         Introduction to Classical Music (Coursera)

  If you like listening to classical music, but have no idea about the genre in general, then you will enjoy this lesson.  These lectures, aimed primarily at beginners, will give you an overview of the various symphonies, performers and more.  Start with the elements of music, and then move on to the various masterpieces and how the compositions have evolved over the years.  After completing the program, you will have a deep understanding of the basics of classical music and will be ready to take more advanced lessons.


·         Everyday Parenting: The ABCs of Child Rearing (Coursera)

  We recognize that raising children is hard work, and indeed every parent would like their child to grow up with good manners and behavior.  These classes show you how to improve your actions and behaviors that you would like to see in your children.  Understand how careful communication and the right tone can lead to greater compliance.  In addition, the lessons also help you overcome common mistakes and myths and move on to techniques that really work.  Also check out our look at the best parenting textbooks.


·         Open Yale Courses (Open Yale Courses)

  This series of Yale University courses was created to expand access to educational materials and make them available to anyone who wants to improve their knowledge in any of these areas.  In these lectures you will have the opportunity to learn from the best teachers of the university.  Search for the topic you are interested in and find all the programs listed under it.


·         Moral foundations of politics (Coursera)

  If you are taking a term paper in politics or are just interested in a subject, this program may be of interest to you.  Start by understanding basic theories such as Marxism, utilitarianism, and the social contract tradition.  Take a look at the history of these ideas before understanding their role in the modern political scene.  Complete the lesson by covering the basics of democracy and its relationship to other styles of political thinking.


·         A Law Student’s Toolkit (Coursera)

  In this comprehensive program, you will learn the terminology and concepts needed to build a career in the legal world.  The lessons are designed so that they can be taken by both experienced law students and beginners.  After completing the lessons, you will be well versed in the jargon used by legal scholars to argue and will have the knowledge to express your opinion.



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