GameUp Africa for African Game Developers: Maliyo Games, Nigeria’s leading mobile game developer has announced collaboration with Google to conduct the Game Up Africa Training Program, a game developer training program in Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria. Game Up Africa is an online training program for entry-level game developers

Game Up Africa aims at preparing young people for career success in the global gaming market and will run virtually from August to December 2022. Participants will learn to create mobile games such as endless runners, match 3 and platformers. You will learn how to develop, refine, and package popular games for the Google Play store with mentoring support provided by Maliyo Games.

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Details About the GameUp Africa for African Game Developers

Game Up Africa, developed by Maliyo Games in partnership with Google, supports young African game developers and creators from three countries: Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya. Derived from their in-house training programme and intended for entry-level candidates, the Game-Up runs over five months with three unique components: Learning, Mentoring and the Game Project. The overall outcome of the programme is to create a robust talent pipeline for Africa’s pioneering game development industry, spearheaded by Maliyo Games’ vision to become the largest gaming company on the continent.

“We are delighted to work with Google to extend our in-house training program to hundreds of young people in Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria,” said Hugo Obi, founder of Maliyo Games. “The African continent, with over 500 million mobile phone users, represents a massive business opportunity for people who have the creative and technical skills. That is the need we are addressing with this Bootcamp. Our goal is to embed Africa’s vibrant culture into video games through storylines, character development, immersive environments, captivating sounds, and strong visuals.”

Eligibility Criteria for the GameUp Africa for African Game Developers

To be eligible for the Game Up Africa Training, interested applicants must meet the following;

  • Technical Skills: Individuals with existing programming knowledge are preferred
  • Location: You must reside in Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, or Nigeria
  • Device Requirement: Must own a computer and a smartphone
  • Duration: Able to participate in a 5-month training programme

Selection Criteria

Anyone in Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya or Nigeria can apply. Our ideal candidate should possess some of the following experience :

Demonstrable knowledge of one of the programming language (C#, C++, HTML, JavaScript)

Have successfully completed an online software programming course in the past 12 months

Enthusiastic about launching a game development career

Benefit of the Programme

Selected candidates can expect the following during the training.

  • State of the art mobile gaming curriculum
  • Self-paced and project-based learning
  • Periodic assessments and evaluation
  • Experience mentors from around the world
  • Programme events with special guest speakers
  • Option to participate in a game jam
  • Certificate of Completion &
  • Paid Internship​ for top performers

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How to Apply

Students who reside in Nigeria, Ghana, or Kenya are eligible to apply. Participants must have a personal computer. Bootcamp Starts: 15th August 2022. Interested candidates should click on the link below to apply.

Visit the Official Website for Further Details

Application Deadline: 5th August 2022

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