Learn how to write an award nomination examples just by going through this article.

To be nominated for an award or other form of acknowledgement is humbling for both the nominee and the company, organization, or community in which it is bestowed.

How to write an award nomination examples is an important part of the nomination process, and it can help the recipient comprehend who is being nominated and why.

You’ll be able to write a more polished and well-informed nomination letter if you understand how the writing process works.

Keep reading to know how to write an award nomination examples, what an award nomination letter is and rest.

What is an Award Nomination Letter?

In order to be considered for a new position, prize, raise in salary, award, or some other form of honorable recognition, a nominee must submit a formal letter of nomination.

It is common for nomination letters to include information about the subject’s contributions or eligibility for the suggested reward, as well as who is going to sponsor them.

A well-written, well-organized nomination letter may increase the chances of a successful nomination by a significant margin.

Formatting a Letter of Recommendation

The individual and the award they are competing for deserve your support.

Describe your connection to the candidate and the length of time you’ve known each other.

Take a look at the award’s requirements and explain how the person you’re endorsing demonstrates those qualities.

Consider Your nominee’s achievements should be documented. Offer to answer questions or provide additional information if necessary in the conclusion.


An award or recognition is given on the basis of letters of recommendation that detail the candidate’s accomplishments and qualifications.

How to Write an Award Nomination Examples

Example Number 1

This year’s (Name of Award) nominations have piqued my interest, and I’d like to nominate a deserving candidate (Name of Nominee).

(Name of Nominee ambitions, )’s intelligence, and achievements complement precisely the stellar community of past beneficiaries and make her highly certainly worthy of the honor and opportunities given by the award (Name of Award).

With your permission, I would be happy to elaborate on my knowledge of (Name of Nominee special )’s abilities and qualifications, as well as provide you with the names of additional individuals who are willing to lend their support to the nominee’s cause. Contacting me is always a pleasure.

Example Number 2

This year’s Employee of the Year nominee is Joy Praise.

As someone who has worked with Joy for ten years, I can confidently say that she is reliable, effective, and always on time.

When it comes to her attention to detail, I’ve never worked with anyone else who is quite as meticulous as she is.

I’ve always been impressed by her desire to accept on challenging projects like the Praise proposals and see them through to completion.

This woman’s talents don’t end with her work in the office. She also has a friendly, upbeat demeanor when she interacts with our customers.

In the past, I’ve witnessed her patience and tact in dealing with difficult situations, such as conflict resolution.

As a volunteer in her community, she organizes annual charity drives and sings with the city choir.

As someone who cares about others, she works hard and always tries to lift their spirits. Because of these qualities, I’d like to recommend her as a candidate for the Employee of the Year award.

Example Number 3

The Caretaker of the Year Award goes to Joy Praise, a friend and colleague of mine for over a decade.

Despite the fact that Joy and I collaborate on numerous fundraising events each year, I’m always blown away by what she does.

Every day, she goes out of her way to help those less fortunate. She’s the most compassionate person I know.

When she isn’t taking care of her family, she devotes her time to a variety of civic organizations, including the City Cupboard, the Rape Crisis Center, and the Springfield Center for the Homeless. Joy Praise is the most deserving recipient of this award.

Example Number 4

For the Outstanding Humanitarian Award, I have been asked to nominate the candidate who, in my opinion, has done more than any other researcher in our field and is thus deserving.

I do not doubt that Dr. Ernest John is the right person to receive this honor.

A book summarizing Dr. Ernest’s theory on virus mutation has been published twenty years after he began making contributions toward the understanding of communicable diseases while he was still a doctoral student.

During my two years at the Center for Communicable Disease, I had the pleasure of working alongside Dr. Ernest.

During that time, I grew to admire his unwavering commitment to the center’s mission. The endless hours he worked tirelessly to help people in their fight against disease also became clear to me….

Knowing this brilliant and selfless scientist and humanitarian has been an honor. I’d like to recommend him and ask that you contact me if there’s anything else I can do to help.

Example Number 5

Peace Ben is an excellent candidate for the Sales Executive Award, and I’d like to nominate her.

I’ve watched Peace progress from Junior Representative to her current position as head of the Sales Division in just five years.

Peace is constantly updating her product knowledge, both of ours and that of the competition.

She averaged a new account a month as an Account Representative, which was the highest average in the firm.

She has been successful in passing on her knowledge to her five Account Representatives during her tenure as a Sales Executive.

Their scores have risen to the top of the division. As far as I can tell, you’ll agree that Peace Ben is the best candidate for this award.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions or concerns.

Example Number 6

There are many unsung heroes all around us. Taking advantage of this opportunity is a good thing to do.

Enter the name of a deserving individual who has made a significant impact on your neighborhood or community.

Fill out the enclosed reply card and return it to us by April 3 if you’d like to nominate this person for the “Citizen of the Year Award.”

The winners will be decided by our panel of judges. At the Rotary luncheon on May 25, the winner will be announced.

Please accept our gratitude for helping us recognize outstanding members of our community. At Rotary, we’d love to see you.

Example Number 7

Our goal at Doe Products is to go above and beyond your expectations when it comes to customer service and support.

Please take a few minutes to fill out the attached short survey and let us know how we’re doing.

We rely on your feedback and opinions to help us improve our service to you. Greetings, and thank you for your consideration and feedback.


Going through this article will help you know what a nomination award letter. And everything you need to know about nominations.

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