Free online classes for adults broaden your horizons, increase your earning potential and teach you new skills.  Attending free online courses for adults is a great way to succeed at work and increase your self-esteem.  We reviewed the best sources for free online classes for adults and evaluated each in terms of materials, educational experience and flexibility.

Why online classes for adults?

  Perhaps you are looking for continuous learning and training, embracing knowledge with the fury of the library.  You may find it helpful to understand things a little better, even if it’s just learning how HTML works.  Maybe you just really like the school spirit.  Or maybe you’re really looking at a career change.

  There is a reason why people are turning to online learning en masse.  Adults can study at their own pace; save money on tuition and other expenses, and take small courses before embarking on any intensive or expensive programs.

Where can I find free online classes for adults?

  Some e-learning platforms are free, while others allow you to take as many courses as you want for a small fee or a monthly fee.  You can learn how to be happier, make money on Etsy or publish; get professional certificates; gain skills that will help you get a job in a rapidly changing market, and even get a master’s degree.

  Whether you want to enhance your career or gain new hobbies, online courses are a way to democratize information online, even in the form of free Ivy League courses like CS50 courses at Harvard.  All you need is Internet access.

BEST free online classes for adults in 2022

·          Learn type 2

  Learn 2 Type is the perfect place to hone your typing skills, which are vital in today’s technology-focused world.  Use this site to estimate your current typing speed for free and learn how to type fast.  This is an ideal resource for beginners and for those who know how to type, but want to improve speed and accuracy.  It is perfect for both adults and teenagers, and also offers textbooks Learn 2 Type for Kids and Typing for Tots.


·          Free code camp

  If you are interested in learning to code, Free Code Camp is an amazing resource for the programming community.  Learn to code, create projects and obtain certificates.  There are thousands of videos, interactive programming lessons, articles and an active community forum that offers project feedback, career tips, promotions and more.

  Free Code Camp says more than 40,000 of its students have continued their careers in technology at companies such as Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft.  If you want to change your profession, Free Code Camp is a great place to start.


·          How to get a job through social media (The Muse)

  Muse is working with digital company Mashable to create this course that will teach you how to integrate social media into your job search strategy.  In addition to learning how to build your personal brand and communicate with people online, you will identify employment opportunities through social media and turn potential customers into real employment opportunities.


·          Intercultural Communication and Conflict Resolution (Coursera)

  This course, taught by the University of California, Irvine, gives you the opportunity to strengthen your personal and professional relationships by resolving conflicts between people in organizations.  More specifically, you will develop skills aimed at managing intercultural conflicts in today’s global society, and explore how factors such as competing interests and power imbalances affect management strategies.


·          Negotiations and conflict resolution (OPEN2STUDY)

  Does the idea of ​​communication or conflict resolution make you shudder?  If so, this course by Dr. Andrew Hayes of Macquarie University could give you back your confidence.  You will learn specific skills, such as identifying different phases of negotiation and learning what to do in each phase, using a common framework for analyzing and resolving conflicts, and bridging the gap between “knowing” and “doing” so that you can apply the skills you will learn in practice.


·          Business Communication: Developing Effective Business Presentation Skills (ALISON)

  No matter where you are in your career, we assume that you are familiar with poorly made presentations.  But not all presentations should be like this – and this is where this course comes to the rescue.  After completing the lesson, you will know how to effectively engage and persuade your audience, develop an effective presentation, compare its progress and create aids, and assess the expectations of your audience.


·          Business Communication: Fundamentals of Business Writing (ALISON)

  The ability to express one’s thoughts and ideas in writing clearly, concisely and effectively is crucial in the business world.  Whether you send a request to the company or submit a cover letter to apply for a job, the way the letter is written and formatted can make a difference whether it is taken seriously or not.  That is why this course aims to give you the skills and confidence needed for professional writing in any situation.


·          Entrepreneurship and family business (OPEN2STUDY)

  Want to learn about entrepreneurial characteristics and psychology, entrepreneurship or family business?  If you find any of these topics interesting, sign up for this OPEN2STUDY course.  You will learn everything from the role of government and politics in business to family management in business management.



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