TOP 11 Research Universities in Canada in 2022

TOP 11 Research Universities in Canada in 2022

Research Universities in Canada support their students who have expressed the best research ideas.  They also provide cash benefits in the form of scholarships for their research work.  Institutions such as the University of Toronto, which are world leaders in research and innovation, have advanced technology and resources to support research in a variety of fields.

  Research is one of the most popular requirements after high school.  Man has ample opportunities for research in any field.  Industries and government agencies (National Research Council (NRC)) are open to support research in medicine, agriculture, telecommunications, computer science and the environment.

What is Group of Canadian Research Universities?

  Originally founded in 1980 with a group of five Ontario universities, U15 is now one of Canada’s 15 most research-intensive universities.  Although each university has its own research and education mandate, the group seeks to create a stable higher education environment, promote the development and implementation of long-term projects, and contribute to research policy making in Canada and around the world.  The group’s management works in the interests of all its members.

Can I do research in Canada as an international student?

  If you want to expand your undergraduate education, there are great opportunities for study and research in Canada.  Universities Canada’s member universities offer thousands of master’s programs (certificates, diplomas, masters and doctoral degrees) in many disciplines.

Why do international students prefer to do research in Canada?

  Canada is recognized as a world leader in a number of research areas: clinical medicine, information and communication technology, psychology and cognitive sciences, and these are just a few.  Canadian universities play a key role in the country’s success as a global research player.  They are involved in 40% of Canadian research and development – one of the highest rates of academic research among OECD and G8 countries.

  As an international graduate student at a Canadian university, you can be involved in research groups with faculty.  You can work on real projects with business partners or conduct independent research under the guidance of an experienced advisor.  The choice is yours.

TOP Research Universities in Canada in 2022

·         McGill University

  Founded in 1821, McGill University is one of Canada’s oldest and most prestigious public research universities, located in Montreal, Quebec.  McGill consistently ranks in Canada’s top 1% of universities and the top 50 universities in the world.  The university, which is a member of U15, offers degrees in almost 300 areas of study at five major faculties.


·         University of Ottawa

  The University of Ottawa is one of Canada’s most popular bilingual public research universities, located in Ottawa, Ontario.  It is also known as the largest Anglo-French bilingual university in the world.  The University offers a variety of programs run by its ten faculties for both domestic and international students seeking higher education in Canada.


·         Queen’s University

  Queen’s University is a public research university located in Kingston, Ontario.  Queen’s is a collaborative learning institution with more than 25,000 students in a variety of fields, from business to medicine.  The Queen’s University, a member of U15, is also the first university in the western maritime province of Canada to accept women.


·         University of Saskatchewan

  Founded in 1907, the University of Saskatchewan is a member of U15 and one of Canada’s leading public research universities in Saskatchewan, Canada.  The university is especially known for its contribution to the field of medical research, especially vaccines, infectious diseases and industrial science and technology.  He is also a major participant in research conducted by U15.


·         University of Toronto

  The University of Toronto is a very prestigious Canadian university located in Toronto, Ontario.  A member of the U15 Group of Canada’s 15 best public research universities, it ranks 29th in the world in the QS 2020 world rankings.  It offers world-class programs in a variety of fields related to literature, law, engineering, medicine, and political science.  .  He is also the alma mater of many famous world leaders and personalities.


·         University of Waterloo

  Founded in 1956, the University of Waterloo is a renowned public research university in Ontario, Canada.  The university has its main campus in Waterloo, three satellite campuses and four subsidiary university colleges.  A member of U15, the university is also among the top 10 universities in Canada according to the QS, 2020 world rankings.


·         University of Western Ontario

  The University of Western Ontario, commonly known as Western University, is a public research university based in London, Ontario.  Originally founded in 1878, the university now has more than 24,000 students enrolled in twelve different faculties and schools.  He is a member of the U15 group of Canadian research universities.


·         University of Alberta

  The University of Alberta, located in Edmonton, Alberta, is one of Canada’s leading research universities.  The university ranks 113th in the world and among the top 5 public research universities in the country according to the QS world ranking in 2020.  It is also considered “an integrated academic and research university due to the wide range of professional and academic programs the university offers.


·         University of British Columbia

  Founded in 1908, the University of British Columbia is one of the top 50 public research universities in the world.  In 2020, UBC was named the second best university in Canada by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.  The university has two main campuses, one in Vancouver and the other in Okanagan, with twelve and seven faculties, respectively.


·         University of Calgary

  The University of Calgary, a member of U15, is one of Canada’s leading research universities located in the province of Alberta in Canada.  The University of Calgary was founded in 1944 as a branch of the University of Alberta in Calgary, and in 1966 became an autonomous university.  It consists of 14 faculties and more than 85 research centers and institutes.  The University of Calgary was named Canada’s 9th best university by QS in 2020.


·         Dalhousie University

  Dalhousie University, located in the eastern province of Nova Scotia, Canada, is one of Canada’s largest public research universities.  The University offers 4,000 courses, 180-degree programs and twelve faculties on its four campuses across Nova Scotia.  This university is an active member of U15 – a group of 15 Canadian universities with intensive research.


·         University of Manitoba

  Founded in 1877, the University of Manitoba is the first research university in Western Canada and one of Canada’s oldest universities.  U of M has a reputation as one of Canada’s leading public research universities and offers more than a hundred programs and dozens of faculties.


·         McMaster University

  McMaster University is an outstanding public research university located in Hamilton, Ontario.  McMaster manages six major academic faculties, such as the School of Business, Engineering, Science, Medicine, Humanities and Social Sciences, which has more than 30,000 students.  This university is part of the U15 group of Canadian government research universities.


·         Laval University

  Laval University is one of Canada’s oldest universities, founded by the Royal Charter of Queen Victoria in 1852.  A member of U15, it is a French-language public research university located in Quebec City, Quebec.  In terms of research funding, Laval University is one of the 10 best Canadian research universities and has four departments of excellence research in Canada.


·         University of Montreal

  Université de Montréal, or the University of Montreal, is one of Canada’s leading research universities, located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  The university is known for its programs and French language courses.  Established in 1878 as a satellite campus, the university currently offers 650 undergraduate and graduate programs, including 71 doctoral programs.  It is also one of Canada’s top 10 universities for QS 2020.



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